Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream

Sometimes a product can almost completely deliver on its claims and still be disappointing. Well, disappointing to me; I'm sure that for some people, The Body Shop’s first-ever BB cream is perfect.

This product’s first claim is that it “transforms from a white cream to suit your skin tone.” But, unlike many similar products that chalk this transformation up to fancy science or magic, this one is quite honest about how it goes from white to flesh-toned: “Pigment-filled capsules burst when applied to the skin, releasing the colour inside.” Yep, that’s how that works (though in some products, it’s oxidization that triggers the colour change).

As for the results, the #01 shade of this product did match my pale, pasty skin perfectly and did indeed leave me with an “even, undetectable finish.” Unfortunately, this product is only offered in three shades so the “…suit your skin tone…” part really only applies to a limited percentage of the population.

The Body Shop also claims that this product provide 24-hydration. Since I never wore this product for 24 hours straight, I can’t truly comment on this claim but I can say that it did certainly did keep my skin looking and feeling moisturized for however long I did wear it for (the longest period was probably 16 hours). Actually, the way this product made my skin feel was easily my favourite aspect of it.

But while I have no problems describing this product as one that’s hydrating, I do disagree with The Body Shop’s claim that this cream provides “light to medium” coverage. In no way, by any definition, does this product deliver medium coverage. Instead, it just faintly coloured my skin, and did no more
than gently even out my skin tone.

Yep, this product really does blend in 
And this is what really did in this product in for me; its coverage was just too light for my liking. If I had almost perfect skin, skin that only needed a little evening out, this product would be ideal but since I don’t, it’s not for me.

I also found that this product left my skin looking too “dewy.” While I know that a fresh, glow-y look is sought after by some, it’s one I avoid since I have naturally oily skin that doesn't need any help in that area.

Like any proper BB cream, this product goes on quickly and easily, with no need for any tools or even a mirror. It’s also free of any strong scents though it’s not exactly one of The Body Shop’s greener items (check out the ingredients list).

Would I buy this product again: No, it just doesn't deliver what I need.

Should you buy this product: Do you have almost perfect skin that’s just a little on the uneven and/or dry side? If so, get yourself over to a Body Shop and try this product out. At $20, it’s not exactly cheap by Body Shop standards, but it’s certainly more affordable than many other of the other BB creams that are out there.

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