Wednesday, May 1, 2013

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

I don’t think I've ever used up a tube of hand cream until this product, which I received in my spring Luxe Box, came along. Sure, it helped that my tube was just a sample but what helped even more is that this cream feels and smells amazing. It also did a pretty job of instantly adding moisturizer into my hands.

I completely agree with L’Occitane’s claims that this product, “…penetrates quickly to protect, nourish and moisturise  your hands” and that it, “Rapidly absorbed with no oily traces.”  While this rich cream is quite thick and looks like the type of moisturizer that leaves a greasy residue, it was completely absorbed by my skin within minutes of me applying it. And as soon as it was sucked into my skin, this cream got to work, nourishing my hands and making them feel and look happier and healthier.

I don’t though completely agree with the company’s line about how this product “… doesn't need to be reapplied even after frequent hand washing.” I tested this claim out by applying the cream, waiting around 30 minutes and then washing my hands three separate times over the following hour. While my skin did still feel surprisingly moisturized by the end of my first hand wash, that wasn't the case by the end of my third trip to the sink.

I also don’t agree with L’Occitane claim that this product has a “minimal scent.” While it’s certainly not a strong scent, it’s there and it smells like a lovely mixture of soap, shea butter and baby powder. Personally, it’s a scent I love and it’s one of the reasons why I would consider purchasing this product again.

At $30 for a 150 ml tube, this product isn't cheap but then it’s also made out of higher quality ingredients than many hand creams out there. In addition to containing 20% shea butter, this cream is also made with glycerine, dimenthicone and various oils and extracts including linseed, coconut and honey.

All of these good things are packaged into a lightweight, easy-to-use squeeze tube that lets you get every last drop of this product. And while this tube is made out of plastic, it looks like aluminium  which adds a nice touch of classiness to this product.

Will I buy this product: I don’t think I've ever needed to buy hand cream in my whole life but should the need arise; I will seriously consider picking up this product.

Should you buy this product: This is one of those products that’s worth trying out, to see if it works for you. L’Occitane does sell a 30 ml tube of this cream for $12, which is more than enough to see if this product could work or not as your new hand cream.

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