Saturday, May 18, 2013

More On Nail Art Wildflowers 3D Jewel Appliqués

Earlier this week someone over at Revlon Canada spotted my blog post about my mixed thoughts on the company’s new Nail Art Wildflowers 3D Jewel Appliqués and offered to put me in touch with Leeanne Colley, “nail maestro,” creator of @tipsnailbar and official spokesperson for Revlon nail enamels, nail care and beauty tools, who could give me some advice on how to make the appliqués last longer. Of course I agreed to this idea and shortly afterwards Leeanne tweeted at me with a couple of useful tips that I figured I would share below:

  • Acetone-based removers (oil and fragrance free) work best when cleansing the nails prior to the application (I did wipe my nails with an acetone-base nail polish remover before applying the appliqués but I probably didn't do the most thorough job)
  •  Center the appliqués at the cuticle & pull it over the tip & sidewalls of the nail (stretching) before pressing (this I did not do)

For more advice from Leeanne, follow her on Twitter: @leeannecolley

And you can follow me on Twitter over at @luckbealindsay. I actually have two Twitter accounts but @luckbealindsay is the one you’ll want to follow for tweets related to this blog, beauty products and contests (the other is @DexterLuvVienna and is more about Toronto, music and my pets).

The full Revlon Nail Art Wildflowers 3D Jewel Appliqués is now in stores. While they can be a bit awkward to apply, they certainly are a fun product and way, way easier to use than actually painting my nails in some crazy, colourful pattern.

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