Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Body Shop Grapeseed Glossing Serum

There are two ways that a product can suck:
  1.  It causes a negative reaction, such as blemishes or dry hair;
  2.  It doesn’t do anything at all.
While there’s no question that scenario #1 is worse, scenario #2 can also be pretty frustrating since you find yourself thinking about how you basically just threw your money away on something that does nothing.

That’s how I feel about The Body Shop’s Grapeseed Glossing Serum because this product did absolutely zilch for my hair. According to The Body Shop “This serum smoothes hair and gives it natural-looking shine.” And I guess it does provide “natural-looking shine” since the shine level in my hair looked exactly the same, regardless of whether or not I used this product. But it did nothing to prevent or fight frizziness and flyaways.

At first I thought that maybe this is one of those products that you need to use for a bit in order to see any results but it’s been over a month now (at least for one side of my head) and nope, no change in the condition of my hair.

I even did a split-head test to make sure that I wasn’t missing something; for just over a week, one side of my hair received the serum while the other side received nothing. The results: Both sides looked and felt identical. 

But at least this product didn’t damage my hair. And while The Body Shop warns that, “A little goes a long way,” no quantity I used left my hair looking or feeling oily or heavy, and I put quite a bit on to see if maybe that was the problem (it wasn’t).

Interestingly, this product did work nicely as a de-tangler.  The Body Shop doesn’t market this side of the serum but maybe it should because removing tangles was the only thing I noticed this product doing.

Thankfully I didn’t waste too much money on this product; its full-price is only $12 and I bought this item during one of The Body’s Shop’s many sales so I didn’t even pay that for it. 

Will I buy this product again: No.

Should you buy this product: While this product receives rave reviews on The Body Shop site and is somehow a “bestseller,” I say pass on it and instead go with something that will actually increase your hair’s shininess.

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