Monday, July 1, 2013

Clarins Sunscreen Spray Oil-free Lotion SPF 15

Sorry for the lack of posts but it's been very busy around here. Part of the reason for that is the lovely summer weather that we're finally experiencing here in Toronto.  After too many months of cold, and then rain, it's finally possible to spend an evening outside without needing a jacket. Yay!

But while the sun does mean easier dressing and more social activities, it can also mean fine lines, brown spots and other signs of aging (oh, and that whole skin cancer thing). That's why it's important to always apply a broad spectrum sunscreen before spending any real length of time outside.

Lately, I've been protecting my skin with Clarins Sunscreen Care Oil-free Lotion Spray, with a SPF of 15. I received this product for free in a swag bag but it normally retails for $35 for a 150 ml bottle.

Yes, this is kind of steep for sunscreen but this stuff is definitely a step above your typical offering from Coppertone or Banana Boat. Clarins describes this product as an, "Invigorating, colourless lotion" that "helps protect and hydrate skin," due to its inclusion of senna, aloe vera and something called plane tree.

I agree with all of this. This "ultra-fine diffusion" does indeed go on clear and with a light, refreshing scent and feel.  While it does include alcohol, it never left my skin feeling dry or tight. And most importantly, it has so far always done a great job of protecting my skin from the sun.

Clarins says that this product offers "moderate sun care recommended for outdoor sports." It also positions this product as one suitable for "progressive" and "natural tanning." With an SPF of just 15, I supposed that yes, depending on your skin type, this spray could help to create a gradual tan.

But since any tan can lead to skin damage, I say ignore Clarins' claim about this product being suitable for outdoor sports and instead apply it on days where you're in the sun for short periods only. In that scenario, it works wonderfully.

It also works quite nicely on oily or combination skin, as per Clarins' claim. I have no reason to believe that this product caused any pimples or any other blemishes.

However, it does leave my skin a little on the shiny side, though nowhere near as greasy looking or feeling as most other sunscreens out there.  The shine can be easily hidden under foundation or BB cream but it did prevent me from just slapping on this product on going out the door.

And speaking of applying this product, I love that it's a spray. I know that there is some controversy around spray sunscreens because of the unknown risks of breathing it in, as well as a small fire risk, but with proper application, both of these issues can be avoided. Being able to spray this product directly onto my non-face parts made it super-convenient, as well as  kept my hands clean.

Would I buy this product: If this product was matter, the answer would be an easy yes. But because it does leave my face shiny-looking, I think I'm going to pass.

Should you buy this product: Maybe. Yes, there's the shininess issue, but besides that, this is a pretty good product. If you're someone who never leaves the house without makeup on, this spray might actually work for you.

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