Saturday, July 27, 2013

Another China Glaze Nail Lacquer

Thanks to my Luxe Box and Topbox subscriptions, I’m well on my way to quite the collection of Chine Glaze nail lacquers.

Last Thursday, I painted my nails with a dark purple colour called Jungle Queen. Yeah, I don’t get the name either. But I do get, and love the shade. It’s a sophisticated and classy shade that’s not nearly as shiny or shimmery as the polish in the bottle suggestions (the photo actually makes it look shinier than it is in person).

But while I love the colour, I’m still not loving the China Glaze formula. As I wrote over here, it just requires too many coats to get a consistent, vivid colour. All of those coats mean that this polish doesn’t dry properly, which results in bubbles, nicks and impressions from almost any surface my nails touch (like towels or sheets).

Just like last time, this polish last about 72 before the chipping started. The photo that’s accompanying this post was taken almost exactly one week after I first applied and as you see, things are looking rough (I’ll likely pick it all off tomorrow).

I will definitely wear this polish again because I really do like the colour; it coordinates nicely with my closet and it’s not too flashy. But yeah,  I wouldn't be adding China Glaze the brand to my shopping list any time soon; the quality just isn't there, even if the colours are.

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