Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sephora's New VIB Rouge

Last week Sephora announced a new, higher tier to their VIB program. Now, if you spend $1000 in a calendar year, you’re automatically elevated to VIB Rouge status.

So what does blowing a $1,000 at Sephora get you? The following (and I quote):
  • All the great benefits BI & VIB clients receive
  •  Free Shipping on all orders (yes, even to Canada)
  • Unlimited access to the Beauty Studio
  • Exclusive invitations to Rouge-Only Events
  • Special seasonal surprise gifts
  • Access to a Rouge Concierge
  • And much, much more…
To get all of that, you need to spend your first between July 23, 2013, and July 23, 2014. Gift cards purchases, whether physical or digital, also don’t count towards your total.

I’m curious about the “seasonal, special gifts” and the “Rouge-Only Events.” I would like to think that they’ll be pretty good since they are intended to reward Sephora’s best customers. The intro package comes with a Bite lipstick so that's a good sign.

Unfortunately, they are perks that I’ll never experience firsthand. I can’t even make it to VIB status (I love Shoppers and I get a lot of free stuff) so there’s no way I’ll be reaching this new status. But to those of you who do, wow, I’m impressed with the amount of disposal income you have access to.

Have more questions about this new program? Then here over here.

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  1. the perks are amazing but as much as i love makeup, i don't think I can justify the $1,000!