Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Toronto’s Getting Its Very Own Beauty Blogger Conference!

This morning the authors of several of the city’s more popular fashion and beauty blogs made a big announcement: They’ve teamed up to launch FBB Sessions, Toronto’s first-ever conference focused on fashion and beauty blogging.

The event is scheduled from November 16 and 17, and will take place at a to-be-announced downtown venue.  According to TorontoBeautyReviews.com, “This weekend long conference will allow you to connect with other bloggers, PR reps and industry leaders. You will learn how to build your personal brand properly and treat your blog like a business. There will also be workshops and speed networking opportunities.”

Super early bird tickets are currently on sale for $70. Yeah, I know, that’s not cheap but then neither is putting on a two-day event. I have no idea what the regular ticket price will be but based on past conference experience, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was double the super early bird price. So yes, if you’re interested, get your tickets now!

I already picked up my ticket this morning. Now to figure out what to wear (I suck at fashion; maybe this conference will teach me something about that area).

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