Saturday, July 20, 2013

Topbox Customer Service Gets An A+

On Sunday, I posted about my July 2013 Topbox, a box that wasn’t bad except that it contained a repeat product.

Since I’m new to Topbox, I’m not overly familiar with the company’s customer service or its policies around duplicate products. So I shot it an email pointing out the duplication and then basically asked what they could do for me.

I sent this email on a Sunday afternoon. I didn’t think I’d get a reply until Monday afternoon, at the earliest. Instead, I was emailed back a short time later, yes, on a Sunday, and told that I shouldn’t have received a duplicate product. I was then told that I can expect to see a bonus item in my August box to make up for things.

Now that is impressive customer service. And now I’m extra excited about my August box.

Great work Topbox!

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