Thursday, July 18, 2013

Aqua Rouge Waterproof Liquid Lip Color

Let’s start this review off with a disclaimer because I received this product for free from the nice people over at Make Up Forever

Back in May, MUF launched their new Aqua Summer 2013 line, which consists of several new products, including five new shades of Aqua Rouge Waterproof Liquid Lip Color. MUF describes these new colours as “vibrant” and “highly-pigmented liquid lip color” but those claims are both understatements when it comes to the shade I received, #16 Fuchsia. Honestly, it’s one of the most vivid lip colours that I’ve ever seen in my life.

And while we’re keeping things honest, I have to admit that’s it’s not the type of colour I would normally buy or wear. But since I had it, I decided to give it a shot and I’m glad I did because now I’m actually rather fond of this bright, pink shade. Oh, I’m not wearing it daily or anything like that, but I have started wearing it on days (or nights) were I feel like focusing the attention on my lips instead of my eyes.

MUF boasts that the "ergonomic form" of this product allows one to "...paint lips precisely." Personally I found that this product was a bit challenging to apply because its bright colour allowed for no room for error. While the brush certainly helped in applying it, what helped more was a steady hand and taking my time. This is not a splash-and-go kind of product. No, it needs time and attention but the pretty results are well worth it.

Taking your time with this product also means you’re less likely to have to bust out the makeup removed to fix your mistakes. Yes, I wrote “makeup remover.” Get this product on the skin around your lips, like I did, and you’ll need to turn to Q-tip saturated into your best makeup remover because
regular water has no impact on this product.

It's hard to tell but the top swatch has the top coat on it.
So yes, MUF’s claim that this lip colour is waterproof is absolutely true. The company also says that this product  is “non-transferable, kiss-proof and smudge-proof.” And for the most part I have to agree. I tried this product out in a variety of situations including the shower, the gym, and hot, humid days, and this lip product survived almost all of them.  Only two scenarios resulted in this product budging: One was when I accidentally wiped sunscreen across my lips and then other was after a dinner of tacos and bourbon. Maybe the alcohol broken down this product's  "...high molecular weight polymers and volatile oils?"

It did though stand up to other meals and drinks without any fading. Milk, tea, bagels, eggs, none of it made this lip product budge. Once it was on, it was on for the rest of the day, barring any encounters with alcohol or misplaced skincare products.

The finish on Fuchsia is surprisingly matte, which I rather like because it is such a loud colour. However, the shine levels can easily be turned up since each Aqua Rouge contains colour on one end and a clear topcoat on the other. I absolutely love this set-up and I think more lip products should be packaged this way.

Both the colour coat and the top coat have a surprisingly lightweight feel given their paint-like texture. The colour coat does feel a bit tacky, at least for the first little bit, but the top coat goes from sticky-feeling to silky smooth in under five minutes. 

The top coat can easily be worn on its own, or over other lip products, making this true two-in-one product. And that fact makes this product's $30 price tag easier to swallow. Normally that kind of a price-point for a lip product would turn me right off of it but in the case of Aqua Rouge, I think the high price point is entirely appropriate.  This really is a fantastic item that delivers superior lip colour, as well as shine, that can truly all day.

Would I buy this item: Yes! Perhaps I'll get another one in Baby Pink; that seems like a colour that I would get a lot of wear out of.

Should you buy this product: If vivid lip colour isn’t your thing then you’ll want to pass on this product. Otherwise, the answer is an easy yes.

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