Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Best Way To Move

The number one rule of hiring movers is to hire someone who your friends have successfully used. Based on that rule, we hired Best Way To Move, a company that had been used by two different friends who both had smooth, breakage-free moves.

Now, if you check out Best Way To Move’s website you might think that the company looks a bit… sloppy. It also doesn’t have any Yelp reviews and the guy answering the phone doesn’t have the best English skills. But while the company might be lacking in presentation and marketing, it makes up for it in being efficient, careful and affordable.

We booked three guys for 9 am and they showed up right at 9 am. The main guy was fluent in English, asked the right questions and, without prompting, gave me a written-down quote that matched what was discussed on the phone: 95$ an hour plus one hour of travel time. With some help from Husband and I, we were able to move all of the stuff out of our one-bedroom loft in just over an hour.

We then headed over to the new place where, 90 minutes later, everything was unloaded across our three new floors. While most of our boxes were labeled, not all of them were and the movers were quite good about asking what went were. They were also very careful and didn’t break or damage a single thing (I however did break a shot glass).

I was particularly impressed with how they handled our beast of a pullout couch. I’ll spare you the fascinating details of how we got it in but I will say that they gave us our options and didn’t try to force it down the basement stairs (the plan had been to put it in the basement but unless we wanted a hole in the wall, that wasn’t going to happen; it now lives awkwardly in the den).

The total for our move, including tax and tip, was $470, which was considerably less than the $700 that some other companies had been quoting us. Prior to moving day, Husband and I regularly discussed whether we were wasting our money on movers and wondered if we should just rent a truck, cajole some friends, and move ourselves.

However, I can now confidently say that we made the right decision. Renting a truck, with gas, would have run around $300 while we would have spent around $100 on pizza and beer for our friends. So even if we had moved ourselves, we would have been out $400. And I really doubt that we would have had everything moved into our new place by noon and in one piece.

Would I use this company again: Yes! While we don’t plan on moving again for many, many years, when the time comes, we will use Best Way To Move again.

Should you use this company: Yes! If you’re moving anytime soon, I would recommend that you check that company out.

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  1. good reco! i moved a few years ago in to my first owned home (having moved probably a dozen times to rentals since university) and I used movers who also had a packing service. That sounds mental but for $200, my entire 2 floor home was packed--and very well--in 3 hours. This way, I didn't have to live out of boxes for the week leading up to the move and there were no mystery boxes. Definitely worth the money!