Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tend Skin

Time for some TMI: When I was in my late teens, I would regularly get dozens of ingrown hairs on my legs. Eventually I discovered that they were the result of using one of those slow-hair-growth lotions that were big around the turn-of-the-millennium. Once I ditched the lotion, the ingrown hairs went away, for the most part.

But while I was dealing with them I discovered a product called Tend Skin, which promised to make ingrown hairs, as well as razor burn and bumps, a thing of the past. Unfortunately, at the time, Tend Skin was hard to get in Canada and rather pricy. So I skipped it but I did always wonder if it was good as it claimed to be.

This summer, I finally got to find out the answer to that question. The nice people over a sent me a free bottle of Tend Skin and so since July, I’ve been using it on only my left leg, in order to see if this stuff really works.

Now, the instructions on the back of the bottle say to use it daily to maintain clear skin. I have not been the best at following those instructions but despite that, Tend Skin is clearly working. My left leg is now almost ingrown hair-free while my right leg is most defiantly not. While ingrown hairs are no longer a big problem for me, I still do get a few of them on my legs. Or I did get them on my left leg, until I started using Tend Skin.

Tend Skin is a clear liquid that you apply with a cotton pad or, if you’re cheap like me, toilet paper (there is a roll-on model that would be more convenient). It absorbs instantly and doesn’t leave any kind of film.

The reason why it absorbs so quickly is because the first ingredient is alcohol. I have to admit that I was a bit worried about this product drying out my skin but that doesn’t seem to be a problem (I do though generally follow each application with a moisturizer). It also didn’t cause any irritations or other issues on my skin.

While I’m using Tend Skin on my legs, you can use it anywhere you have hair follicle-related issues. According to its website, this product is particularly ideal for facial hair so guys, you might want to take a closer look Tend Skin. currently sells 118 ml bottles of Tend Skin for a very reasonable $20. And a little of this product goes a long way. I’ve been using it almost daily for over a month over one whole leg and I’m not even a quarter into the bottle.

Will I buy this product: I certainly will during the summer, when I’m busting out my razor on a near-daily basis.

Should you buy this product: If ingrown hairs, razor bumps or razor burns are a problem for you, you should really check Tend Skin out. However, if you have an Aspirin allergy, skip it because one of the key ingredients in Tend Skin is acetylsalicylic acid.

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