Thursday, September 19, 2013

2013 Bookstravaganza

On Tuesday night a friend and I checked out the second annual Bookstravaganza. Presented by
Chatelaine and Random House of Canada, it's about connecting book lovers with “fall’s hot new books!” For my full review of this event, head over here.

I know that a lot of people who read this blog are interested in the contents of any gift bags I receive at events so I figured that I'd detail out the Bookstravaganza gift bag on this blog. I have to say that since this was an event about books, I thought that we'd be receiving more books. But we did get two, and one of them looks quite good, so that is something (plus there were 400 people at this event so I can understand why they kept it to two books per attendee).

Here's a complete list of what I got:

- One hardcover copy of Wayne Johnston's The Son Of A Certain Woman
- One hardcover copy of Mary Swan's My Ghosts
- Book excepts from L. Marie Adeline's Secret Shared
- Book excepts from Dianna Gabaldon's Written In My Own Heart's Blood
- A full-sized box of All-Bran cereal
- Truffle Pig mint chocolate bar (I ate it on the ride home, that's why it's not in the photo)
- Perfume samples of Just Cavalli, Chloe and L'Occitane En Provence's Pivoine
- Samples of Cetaphil Nourishing Moisture Wash and Replenishing Moisture Lotion
- Full-size container of Alway Eye Makeup Remover Pads
- Two full-size bottles of Dove Daily Moisture Hydration Shampoo
- Full-size container of Dove deodorant
- Packet of Crystal Light Strawberry Orange Banana mix

Not the most exciting gift bag but it does have stuff I, or Husband, will use. Now to find a home for all of it.

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