Monday, October 21, 2013

Balea Purifying Face Mask

I picked this mask up because I was hoping that it would unclog some pores as well as remove the dry
skin that was a result of my manual efforts to clean out those pores. While it did a great job at cleaning up my flaking nose, it had no visible impact on my gross pores. But despite that, I still love this product because it took care of an issue that I thought I was going to have to take to a professional.

And what’s that issue? A brown spot! When I returned from the Caribbean at the end of February, I brought back a souvenir in the form of a small brown spot, which was actually more like a stripe, across the bridge of my nose. I hoped it would disappear on its own but sadly it didn’t and I was convinced that the only way to get rid of it was some kind of in-clinic treatment. But then I used this mask and after just one use, the lighter end of the brown stripe was gone. And there was no redness or irritation or anything like that, just smooth, normal-coloured skin.

I used the mask again a week later and after I peeled it off, the middle portion of the stripe also disappeared, while the other, and darker, end was visibly lighter. Since then, I’ve used the mask two more times and while the dark end is still there, it’s now so light that foundation easily hides it.

This product’s ability to remove brown spots is not listed anywhere on the package. Instead, that packaging says that this peel-off mask removes, “…dead skin and impurities to reveal a bright, cleansed complexion.” After using this product, my face did look bright and clean and while my pores were still clogged, any surface impurities were indeed gone.

Balea boosts that this product’s inclusion of “Indulgent extracts of jasmine and cactus flower help purify and stimulate the skin.” A look at the ingredients list reveals that while yes, this mask does contain those two items, they are way down on the list, meaning that their contribution to this product is minimal.

Instead, what are making this mask work are good, old-fashion industrial chemicals, including alcohols. I don’t have an issue with this but people with really sensitive or dry skin might want to skip this product due to the risk of irritation. This mask has been dermatologist tested and is hypoallergenic but then those terms don’t necessary mean much.

Another aspect of this product that some people might not like is that it is kind of messy to use. The mask starts off life as a clear, sticky fluid that you need to slather all over your face and then let dry for 15-20 minutes. While I wouldn’t say that wearing this mask was uncomfortable, it wasn’t pleasant either.

I found removing the mask kind of fun but some people might find it a pain since it doesn’t really peel off in one or even two or three chunks. Instead, you end up with all kinds of little bits of “mask tissue” and even then, you still need to wash your face, and maybe even your hair, to get it all off. But I think everyone will love the price. One package is under $2 and you can easily get four-to-five uses out of one pack. That’s way cheaper than any other drugstore brown spot treatment and definitely cheaper than a trip to the dermatologist.

Will I buy this product again: Yes! Besides making brown spots go away, I also love how efficiently this product deals with dry skin.

Should you buy this product: Do you have brown spots that are the result of sun damage? Or do you just need to brighten up your skin and clean up its top layer? If yes, check out this effective, and cheap, face mask.

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