Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Product Tracker

Back in this post, I mentioned that I’d recently done an inventory of some of my beauty products. If you’re a beauty junkie, I highly recommend doing something similar in order to get organized and get a sense of what you own.

To organize my inventory, I created what I call a product tracker. It’s essentially just a simple Excel spreadsheet with some relevant column titles. Here’s a bit of a look at it:

In order to make it more useable, I am using categories so that can easily sort and see, say, all of my shampoos at once. The same thing will happen with the colour column.

Since I have this blog, I added in a review column so that I could easily see whether or not I’d already reviewed an item. If I have reviewed, the “Yes” links to the review. Those reviews then form the basis for my rating column.

Once a product is used up, it will be moved to the Finished tab, so that I still have a record of it and so that I can easily copy the info over to the "active" tab if it's something I purchase again.

While I’ve kept things on the simple side, my product tracker could easily be adapted by someone who wants to track more details about their items. For example, you could easily add in additional columns that deal with everything from shimmer to coverage level to brand type. And someone with a huge collection might want to organize products by type, or brand, across different tabs. 

So far, I’ve entered pretty much all of my non-makeup and nail products into my product tracker. Next up is tackling those two areas and yeah, that’s going to take awhile. But in the end it will be worth it because I’ll finally be able to quickly and easily answer questions like, “Do I have a green nail polish that I love and if so, where does it live?”

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