Thursday, October 31, 2013

Consonant Organic Moisturizing Eye Cream, Organic Moisturizing Face Cream & HydrExtreme

While doing my product inventory, I came across a baggy that contained multiple samples from Toronto brand Consonant Skincare, which describes itself as, “The first line of premium skin care that is as luxurious as the most expensive fashion label brand, as effective as the best-known cosmeceutical brand, and as healthy as the leading natural brand.” Yep, it’s not a modest brand.

Consonant was also one of the many brands I met at this past spring’s Beauty Board, where I received this samples. I remember at the time being excited to try them out, but uh, since then they disappeared into the pile, only to be rediscovered recently. Because the samples are on the small side and because some of them are different versions of what’s essentially the same product, I’ve broken the samples into two review periods that will be explored over three reviews.

First up, Consonant review period #1, which featured a week’s worth of wearing the Organic Moisturizing Eye Cream and Organic Moisturizing Face Cream, twice a day, and for four lucky days, HydrExtreme.

This third product is an oil-like “extreme hydration booster” that you apply either directly to fine line and dry areas or blended in with your morning moisturizer in order to “…make your skin look younger and healthier from the very first use.” Personally, I didn’t notice my skin looking any younger but I did see it do a fantastic job on my dry areas, making them disappear overnight. I can see why “100% saw an immediate improvement in hydration” and “90% eliminated dry spots completely after 7 days.” And maybe if I’d had a larger sample, I too would have been among the “90% (who) saw fewer lines and wrinkles after 7 days.”

Consonant explains that this product, which was the Grand Prize Winner at the 2012 Canadian
Beauty Innovation Awards, is so effective because it contains, “…a proprietary blend of exotic Cassia Angustifolia Seed Extract and glycerine” that’s so impressive that it even, “outperforms Hyaluronic Acid.” And at $72 for 10 ml, it better be impressive. But while this product isn’t cheap, a little goes a long way and based on my limited experience, it certainly seems that it would be a great tool to have in your anti-aging arsenal.

While I was fairly impressed with the HydrExtreme serum, I found the Organic Moisturizing Face Cream to be a bit of the “meh” side. The cream, which is aimed at those with “normal, combination and oily skin” (so ideal for me), is described as having a “lightweight formula (that) penetrates quickly with a non-greasy finish.” I completely agree with all of this; this moisturizer was easy to use and quickly got to work. And when it was combined with HydrExtreme, it worked amazingly well. But on its own, well, it started off great, leaving me with soft, radiant skin, but after a few hours any dry patches I had were back. For a product that retails for $54 for 50 ml, I expect more.

Maybe I should have tried the Organic Moisturizing Eye Cream on my dry spots. Consonant recommends doing that but I only saw that tip after I’d used up my sample. I can see how this rich, vitamin E-packed cream could successfully fight dry spots. It certainly did a great job at keeping the skin around my eyes fully hydrated (though to be honest, those areas are already in pretty good shape). Like all Consonant products, this one also isn’t cheap – it sells for $36 for 15 ml) but for the right person, I think the price is worth it.

Other qualities shared by Consonant products are the use of 100% natural ingredient, “the highest possible concentration of organic botanical ingredients” and “no parabens, no sulfates, no petroleum ingredients, and certainly no phthalates.” These products are also free of any additional scents or perfumes, and as a result have a minimal smell that can best be described as clean.

While my skin wasn’t as hydrated as I hoped it would be during Consonant review period #1, I will say it did look very healthy and radiant. Maybe there’s something to this all-natural business…

Would I buy these products: Right now, no. But, maybe in a few years, when I have money and older skin, I might pick up the HydrExtreme and maybe even the eye cream.

Should you buy these products: If you’re scent-sensitive, have dry/aging skin and have the cash, I completely recommend trying out either the HydrExtreme serum or the eye cream (or maybe even both, depending on your skin care needs). As for the face cream, well, I have another one that I’m testing in Consonant review period #2. Maybe it’ll be better.

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