Saturday, November 2, 2013

Consonant Citrus Bergamot Organic Body Lotion Vs. Vaseline Intensive Rescue Repairing Body Lotion

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently came across a bunch of sample from Toronto skincare line Consonant. While I’m still testing out my second round of Consonant face moisturizers, I recently finished my sample of the brand’s Citrus Bergamot Organic Body Lotion. Since I had a fairly small sample of this product, I decided to stretch it out by only applying it to my left leg. On my right leg I used a product that’s sort of the antithesis of the 99.5% natural, paraben-free Consonant lotion: Vaseline’s Intensive Rescue Repairing Body Lotion.

So which moisturizer worked better: The organic one or the uh, not organic one? Well, based strictly on how my skin feels and looks, the two products had basically the same results. Both moisturizers did a reasonable job at making, and keeping my skin soft and smooth and both helped it to pass the scratch test (meaning that if I scratch my skin, I’m not left with a bunch of dry skin cells flaking off). Neither was greasy-feeling, both absorbed quickly and cleanly and I didn't have any negative skincare issues while using the two lotions.

But while the results are the same, there are certainly some big differences between these two products. Like all Consonant products, the lotion is made almost completely of natural, often organic ingredients and is free of parabens, sulfates, petroleum ingredients and phthalates. Packed with all kinds of oils and extracts, its ingredients list that reads like the offerings of some fancy greengrocer.

As for the Vaseline one, well, the third ingredient is petroleum. But in its defense, petroleum is a powerful occlusive and is no doubt a reason why this lotion does indeed “(leave) extra dry skin deeply moisturized and healthy.”

The two products also differ in scent and texture. The Consonant one has a subtle but noticeable smell that the company says is a combination of citrus and bergamot oils “…with a hint of lavender and sage…” The Vaseline one, which is marketed as “fragrance free,” barely smells at all and what little scent it does have could best be described as a generic lotion smell. The latter product also a thinner texture, that makes it feel almost slippery while the former feels richer and thicker.

Price is another big difference with the Vaseline lotion costing under $10 for 600 ml and the
Consonant one priced at $42 for 500 ml. Consonant justifies that price by saying that this antioxidant-packed lotion, “… delivers long lasting softness you will see and feel immediately” as well as, “…makes your skin look and feel healthier over time.” While I can’t comment on that latter claim, my sample only lasted about a week, I do agree that this lotion did immediately hydrate my skin.

But then, so did the Vaseline one.

Which Would I Buy: In full honesty, I’m not going to be buying either because there are other body moisturizers that I want to try out. But if I had to choose… You know, this is a tough one because both products work equally well. However, one is much cheaper than the other and as someone on a limited budget that really appeals to me. But on the other hand, there’s no question that the Consonant lotion has a healthier ingredient list. Yeah, if I had the money, I would go with it.

Which Should You Buy: If you’re tight on cash, you could certainly do worst than the Vaseline lotion. While the ingredient list certainly isn’t as impressive as the Consonant one, the product does work. But if you have the cash, support a local company and pick up Consonant’s Citrus Bergamot Organic Body Lotion.

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