Monday, November 4, 2013

Splat Hair Chalk

When I first discovered my box of Splat Hair Chalk in my Beauty Board swag bag I thought, “When the hell am I going to use this?” Now, once upon a time, a product that promised to easily add temporary, purple colour into my hair would have made me very happy. But now I’m a boring, adult; I don’t have an excuse to use hair chalk. And so this product sat in its box until last weekend when Halloween finally justified me using.

I went as a glitter fairy for Halloween and I suppose I should have put glitter in my hair but that just seemed like such a messy, pain-in-the-ass idea so instead I tried out the hair chalk. While glitter would have been more accurate, I doubt it would have looked as good as this product, which was also almost mess-free to use and super-easy to wash out.

I initially had some issues figuring out how to use the plastic compact that contains the chalk (it’s actually quite simple, I’m just slow), but once I got going, adding this product into my hair was a breeze. I just selected a chunk of hair; opened the compact; placed the hair, starting at the roots, against the chalk and then, with my thumb on the other side of hair, moved the compact down the hair chunk (yes, I did end up with some chalk on my thumb but it easily washed off).

Due to the design of the compact, you do end up with streaks that are a bit on the chunky side but personally I didn’t mind that. I also quite liked that I could easily control the vividness of the colour by applying more or less pressure with my thumb.

I could though have done with not having to use hair spray both before and after applying the chalk. And yes, you do need to pre-and-post spray your streaked hair. I didn’t always do that and that chunks that weren’t fully hair sprayed didn’t keep the colour until the end of the night.

I was a bit worried that this product might rub off during the night or be difficult to wash out but both of these concerns were non-issues. To the best of my knowledge, I didn’t leave any purple chalk stains at the party I was at and when it came time to say good-bye to my purple hair, the colour fully washed out. While some of the chalk definitely did come out of my hair while I was out, where it went is a mystery.

This product retails for under $10 in Canada and how many uses you’ll get out of a compact really depends on how much hair you have and how vivid you’re making the colour. I did use the bulk of my compact up for Halloween but I also have lots of long hair and I put a ton of highlights in (and no, you can’t see how it looked because all of the photos I had taken that night are awful). I think I can get another use out of this product however, I will have to do with less colour.

Splat offers this product in five colours and I have to admit that I want an excuse to try out the midnight blue one. While the purple colour looked surprisingly good in my hair, I think the blue would look even better, since it would match my eyes. Maybe I can throw some kind of dress-up party and use it as justification for blue hair (being an adult sucks sometimes).

Would I buy this product: Yes and I can’t believe I’m saying that. I really thought that this product would either look really cheesy or wouldn’t work/stay in my hair but the fact is, it looked great and when I followed the instructions, it did stay in.

Should you buy this product: If you need, or want, to add some temporary colour to your hair, do check this product out. It’s a cheap, easy and fun way to brighten up almost any hair style.

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