Thursday, October 3, 2013

Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara

I feel like there is no excuse for dull hair or thin lashes; there are just too many great products out there that address those problems. Last week I reviewed L’Oreal’s Mythic Oil, a fabulous, and affordable, hair oil. At $26 US, Estée Lauder’s Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara isn’t exactly cheap but it is an A+ lash that mostly delivers on its claims.

And what are those claims? The primary one is that when using this mascara, “Lashes seem to multiply, magnify, grow to extremes.” While I don’t agree with the “extreme” part, I do agree that my “eyes look brighter, wider, more seductive” when wearing this product.

Estée Lauder explains that this mascara works so wonderfully in part because of its formula, which it described as, “a blend of three high-volume fibers in a mousse-light base." These three different fibers then work together to add in volume and length, which I could clearly notice along with a nice little curl, without weighing down lashes or leaving them stiff or icky feeling.

Then there’s its unique brush, which uses two different kinds of bristles to “carry maximum formula” while at the same time, combing and separating lashes “for clump-free definition.” “Clump-free” is a claim that a lot of mascaras make but that few actually deliver. However, this one actually left my lashes, 90% of the time, clump-free. I also didn’t have any issues with spider lashes and this mascara, which made me very happy, as those are one of my beauty pet peeves.

Estée Lauder doesn’t make any claims about this product being amazing at staying in place but it is. Even though I touch my eyes a hundred times a day, this mascara didn’t smear or shed and by then end of the day, my lashes still looked lush, long and pretty. But despite this mascara’s staying power, it doesn’t require multiple swipes with eye makeup remover to take it off. Instead, my regular face wash and some warm water easily removed it and left my lashes ready for their next dose of this excellent mascara.

Would I buy this product: Yes! This is yet another wonderful mascara that I would love to buy.

Should you buy this product: Yes! Sure, it’s expensive, but if you can afford it, treat yourself to this great mascara.

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  1. I literally just bought this today, so thought I'd check out some reviews (maybe should have done it before!) Very pleased that you loved it, I can't wait to try it now tomorrow x
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