Monday, October 7, 2013

Make Up For Ever Artisan Brushes

I generally don’t apply my eye makeup with a brush. Instead, I use my fingers because I feel that they are quicker and more comfortable to use than any brush I’ve ever come across (plus they’re much easier to maintain). Sure, the results aren’t as precise but then I don’t usually have a very precise look to my eye makeup.

Despite all of this, when Make Up For Ever gave me the chance to try out the Large Shader Brush from its new Artisan Brushes collection, I said yes because A) it’s a free product and B) I had a feeling that if any company was going to wow me with a brush, it would be Make Up Forever.

The first thing I noticed about brush #230 is that it looks gorgeous, thanks in part to its sleek wooden handle. I love this handle because in addition to being comfortable to hold from various angles, it’s also not too light or too heavy. The brush head is made up of straight, synthetic fibers that have been designed to “replicate natural hairs” and that also feel silky smooth on my skin. Unlike with some other brush lines, there’s no pulling or tugging with this one.

Described as a “large, rounded, tapered brush,” this item is to be “used to apply, blend and smudge all types of eye products quickly.” It can be used with cream products, as well as both loose and pressed powders and “provides light to moderate product payoff.” I quite like that last quality as in the past, I have had brushes that grab too much product and then things just get messy. This one though is definitely less aggressive with picking up product and while that means that yes, it does take me a little longer to do my eyes, it also means that the results look better.

After playing around with this brush for a little bit, I came to the following conclusions. For simply applying eye shadow, in any texture, it was overkill; my finger could do an equally good job. But, when it came to blending and smudging, especially if I wanted to do a precise job or was working at either corner of my eye, the brush came out on top.

It also hasn’t been that big of a pain to clean and it dries pretty quickly, while maintaining its shape. Between those facts and the results, I think I’ll be using this brush a lot more than any of my previous eye shadow brushes.

Now the downside to this product: It costs $36 and other brushes in the collection cost around that or more. Yep, these brushes are expensive. But, to be fair, I think that these prices can be justified because these brushes are such high quality. According to Make Up For Ever, the Artisan Brushes collection took five years of development, is handmade and, “every brush has gone through 25 production stages by 30 craftsmen and has been checked for quality 50 times.” So while you are going to have to spend quite a bit to get one of these brushes, once you have one, you should have it for years to come.

Will I buy this product: With proper care, this brush should last me into the next decade, and maybe even longer, so no, I won’t be buying another brush #230 any time soon. And due to the high prices and my lack of income, I won’t be picking up any of the other brushes any time soon but if I suddenly came into a bunch of money, I would at least buy brush #130, Large Powder Brush, since that’s one I’d use almost daily.

Should you buy this product: If you’re someone who uses makeup brushes on a near daily basis, you really should check out this collection. Yes, it’s pricey, but in the long run, you should come out ahead (plus these brushes look and feel great).

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