Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My No-buy Update: One Month Done!

I’m now exactly one month into my semi-no-buy period and so far things are going great since I haven’t bought a single beauty product in the past 30 days. Actually, things are going better than great because I was able to skip one of the events that are adding the “semi” before “no buy.”

That event was the annual L’Oreal warehouse sale. While I did manage to get a ticket, I wasn’t able to work out a trip date with my cousin, who was also to be my ride (the sale is always held in some far-flung location). While I’m sure that if I had gone, I would have scored some great deals, there was nothing there that I needed to buy so in the end, I’m okay with having missed this event.

The other event that I’m excluding from my no-buy period is happening now until October 25. It’s Shoppers’ Fall Beauty Bonus and it involves getting a $222 worth of deluxe beauty samples in a pretty bag if you buy $125 worth of stuff from a Shoppers’ Beauty Boutique. I was able to get last year’s Fall Beauty Bonus and I would like take to take advantage of this one but the only way I’m going to be spending $125 in a Beauty Boutique is if I can also get some Optimum points for my purchases (which, I should add, will mostly be Christmas gifts). So that means that I need Shoppers to have some kind of bonus points offer between now and October 25. But if it doesn’t, well, then I guess my no-buy period will be in A+ territory.

My no-buy period is supposed to last until the end of the year. I recently did an inventory of my many, many beauty products and after looking over that list, I think that I should mostly be able to meet my goal. I will need to buy some shampoo and conditioner but other then that, I’m stocked up on pretty much everything I regularly use (plus I’ll still be getting new stuff via my Luxebox and Topbox subscriptions, which are the other reason why this is a semi-no-buy). Yes, clearly I needed to do a no-buy not just because I need to save money but because I just have too much stuff.

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