Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cover FX Anti-Aging Primer

One of the reasons why I like beauty box subscriptions is because they help keep me from wasting money on products that don’t work. I love Cover FX foundation and because of that, I might have picked up the company’s anti-aging primer. But, after receiving a sample of that product in my September Topbox and discovering that it’s kind of useless, there’s no way I’m buying that item. Thanks Topbox!

According to Cover FX, this primer, which was previously known as SkinPrep FX, is a multi-purpose product that, “In addition to prepping the skin prior to foundation application and facilitating blending and extending wear, this reparative primer hydrates and smoothes skin to blur the appearance of fine lines and pores.”

To do all of this, as well improve clarity and radiance, soothe inflammation and reduce redness and moisturize the skin, this primer is packed with such fancy ingredients as Coenzyme Q10, a multi-peptide complex, vitamins F, C and E and more. Between this ingredients list and my previous, positive history with Cover FX, I had high hope for this primer. Unfortunately, this product falls completely flat. Okay, this silky-feeling primer did allow me to blend my foundation a little easier but other than that, it did nothing.

I did multiple split face tests with the primer were I wore it, under my usual makeup, on one half of my face and then just makeup on the other half. Right from the start, the two sides of my face looked identical – neither fine lines nor pores nor any other blemishes were blurred – and as the day went on, the makeup on both sides of my face wore off at the same rate.

Maybe if I’d regularly worn this primer for several weeks, I would have noticed a change in the overlook of my skin but using this primer every now and then did nothing to improve my skin's condition. And oddly, it didn’t provide any immediate moisture. When I smoothed this product over a dry patch, the patch looked identical to its pre-primer state.

Given the quality of Cover FX’s other products, and this item’s $38 price tag, I expected that this primer would at least be able to nourish a dry patch for a short period of time. But nope, it couldn’t even manage to do that.

While I don’t like this product, I am happy that I discovered how disappointing it is via a Topbox sample instead of through a full-sized tube that I purchased at full price.

Will I buy this product: No.
Should you buy this product: No.

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