Monday, November 25, 2013

Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils

Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll Mascara Volume Effet Faux CilsI received my sample tube of *deep breath* Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils in my October Topbox. It was the highlight in an overall disappointing box. Now, after using this mascara regularly for the past three weeks, I can’t say that this one product alone redeems the box, but I do understand why some people love this mascara.

When it comes to product claims, YSL is all about this mascara’s brush and “…the innovative structure of dual-length bristles.” This mascara’s brush is visibly different, with bristles that are shorter, firmer than on your typical brush. YSL explains that, “…thick, widely spaced bristles to coat and magnify your lashes, while finer, more closely spaced bristles define even the shortest lashes, one by one, from the root to the tip.” Besides separating, coating and multiplying lashes, this product is also supposed to “create defined volume.”

I don’t usually say this but I agree with almost all of YSL’s claims about this product. The only one I didn’t experience is the “ clump-free formula.” While clumps weren’t common, a few did appear. But a part from that, this mascara and its odd, but effective, brush delivered on all of its claims. It did a fantastic job of separating my lashes and coating them with a visible amount of volume.

I even agree with YSL’s line about how this product can meet one’s, “…desire for a false lash effect” however, as I’ll explain later, that’s not necessary a good thing.

YSL also boosts that this product provides, “long-lasting volume and intensity for 24 hour wear.” I completely agree with all of this, Once this product was on, it was on and while I did notice some mild flaking, people who don’t touch their eyes 20 times a day like I do shouldn’t notice any. Of course, all this durability means that this mascara doesn’t wash off easily. Unless you want raccoon eyes, an eye makeup remover needs to be used to fully remove this product.

It’s not a cheap product, costing $36 at Sephora, but there’s no denying that this mascara delivers long-lasting volume that certainly brighten my eyes. I can see why, for some people, this mascara is worth its high price tag.

But while I get why some people love it, I don’t. I like it, I even love the brush but I find that the formula leaves my lashes rather stiff feeling and looking. As a result, I do get that fake lash look, but not in a good way.

Well, not in a good way for me. Some people like that stiff, heavy look to their lashes, but not me. Yes, I want volume, length and even drama, but I want it to look like I lucked out and was born with amazing lashes, not that I have to paint them on.

Will I buy this product: No, the formula makes this mascara not the right match for me.

Should you buy this mascara: That completely depends on how you like your lashes to appear. If you want them looking natural, this product isn’t for you. But if you love big, heavy lashes that are more on the fake-looking side, then yeah, this might just be the mascara that you’ve been looking for.

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