Monday, December 2, 2013

CoverFX CC Cream Time Release Tinted Treatment SPF 30

While I love CoverFX’s foundation, I wasn’t too impressed with its primer. Because of those two experiences, I wasn’t sure what to expect from CoverFX’s CC Cream Time Release Tinted Treatment SPF 30, which I received in my November Topbox.

According to the company, I should expect, “A do-it-all CC Cream that provides colour and complexion correction with time release anti-aging benefits.” CoverFX’s product page for this item really emphasizes its anti-aging properties, stating that its, “… synergistic complex of ingredients produce retinoid-like, anti-aging results without irritation or sun sensitivity,” including the use of licorice root extract that supposedly, “…reduce(s) hyperpigmentation and prevent future discolouration” and “ advanced multi-sphere microsome technology which delivers time release anti-wrinkle actives and treats skin continuously for 8 hours.”

It also lists off a slew of stats from an eight-week long self-assessment study that all come to the same conclusion: Over time, this product made the users’ skin look younger and better.

I didn’t use this product for eight weeks, in part because I just had a deluxe sample, so I can’t really comment on this product’s anti-aging powers. I can say that I didn’t notice any immediate improves but then CoverFX isn’t marketing this cream as some kind of quick-fix for aging skin.

It does though say that product, “Provides buildable coverage and leaves a radiant, natural finish.” And I agree with all of that, as well as CoverFX’s earlier claim that this cream provides colour and complexion correction.

Compared to Olay’s CC cream, this product is practically a foundation, as it provides proper coverage that hides and disguises blemishes. The finish isn’t overly matte or overly “glowy,” and does indeed look quite natural, as well as a healthy.

But despite the results of this cream, I’m not a fan of it. The first reason is the texture. While it feels fine once it’s on, this product feels weird during the application process. It’s overly thick and feels almost awkward to use and apply. And well yes, it is buildable product, you need to use your fingers to do so, meaning that the results aren’t quite as precise as if you used a brush.

The other reason why I’m not a fan of this product is the smell. While all other CoverFX products I’ve tried have no or minimal scent, this product has a noticeable scent that’s quite unpleasant. It smells cheap, artificial and vaguely of sunscreen. And unfortunately, the smell doesn’t go away once the cream is applied; no, it lingers.

While the texture of this product is something that some people won’t mind, I can’t imagine anyone with a functioning sense of smell being okay with the scent (though I guess the participants in the eight-week self-assessment trials got through it). And I can’t imagine paying $45 for a CC Cream that makes me wrinkle my nose in disgust.

Colour options for this cream
But hey, at least this day-use product contains an SPF 30 in it. Because of that, this cream definitely has at least one anti-aging benefit in it.

Would I buy this product: No; I can’t handle the smell. And while this product does provide some great coverage, I prefer my Garnier BB Cream when it comes to quickly and easily covering up my skin.

Should you buy this product: This is a tough one because this product does have some great qualities but then there’s the texture and worst, the smell. Because of those last two qualities, I would recommend not buying this product until you try it out.

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