Monday, December 16, 2013

My December 2013 Topbox

Topbox_December_2013_Review_Beauty_Box_SubcriptionSince it’s the holiday season, I thought that my December Topbox might contain something a little special. While Luxe Boxes had their issues, they always threw in a little something extra in the December/winter box.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case with my December Topbox. There was nothing special in this month’s box; in fact, my December box was rather disappointing. Here’s what was in it:
  • Belvada Cosmetics Coconut Lip Butter (unknown size but not that small) 
  • Cuccio Nail Lacquer in (full size) 
  • Estee Lauden Modern Muse Eau de Parfum (2.9 ml) 
  • Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant (30 ml) 
I like nail polish and perfume, I really do, but I also like trying out new and different beauty products. While the polish and perfume that are included in this box are both fine products that I will use, they’re also predictable items. I’m hoping that my next box, or two, or three, will be free of any perfumes or polishes (unless they’re somehow really special).

Cuccio_nail_lacquerThe Belvada lip butter is something a little different from a brand I'm not very familiar with. At first I was disappointed with this item because it's coconut-scented and I hate that produce. Thankfully, the scent is very mild so I am able to use it after all. While lip butters aren't very exciting products, they at least don't show up every box and are practical. I've only had this product for a few days and I've already worked it into daily use.

I also already tried out the Elizabeth Arden cream but the texture of this product is just weird, as is the smell. The internet tells me that this is some kind of miracle product that works best overnight so I’ll give it another chance once I’ve done some more research.

On its Facebook page, Topbox mentions that it’s going to have a special New Year’s box. Hopefully it’ll be a great box packed with interesting samples that will start the year off right.

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