Friday, February 21, 2014

Guerlain Cils D’Enfer Maxi Lash

Lots of mascaras promise false lashes-like lashes. Guerlain’s Cils D’Enfer Maxi Lash, which I recently tested by using a free sample that I received from somewhere (Sephora maybe?), is not one of them. But it should because of the dozens and dozens of different mascaras I’ve tried, this product is the closest I’ve found to producing lashes that you might think are fake.

Instead of mentioning fake lashes, Guerlain is all about how this product, which it describes as “a charming trump card and an irresistible weapon of seduction,” adds volume and curl. According to Guerlain, this mascara’s “extraordinary formula ensures breathtaking volume, curl and hold.” That formula features “The combined action of three polymers” that are  “layered on lightly for tailor-made volume: immediate, stylised and long-lasting.”

I tried this mascara multiple times before I read everything about and when I finally did, I was surprised to see such emphasis on curl and volume. Yes, this mascara did visibility provide both of those qualities but what it really brought was length. I don’t think I’ve ever had a mascara add so much length to my lashes.

It’s that amazing length that’s one reason why this mascara produces false-like lashes. The other is that this mascara left me with stiff, unmoving lashes that could easily pass as fake. This is the result of the third polymer, which Sephora describes as “like a finishing hairspray.” That’s a great description because after I applied this mascara, my lashes felt like they had just been covered in hairspray.

While this mascara does deliver false lashes-like results, it also brings something that’s never a concern with fake lashes and that’s clumps. Now, Guerlain doesn’t make any claims about this mascara being clump-free but given its $32 price tag, I assumed that clumps would be minimal with this product. It turns out I was wrong because this is the type of mascara that you only want to apply if you have a lash comb on hand. If you don’t, the results can look a bit messy.

Guerlain also boasts that this mascara provides intense colour that “enhances the lashes with captivating, shimmering and unrivalled colour.” I completely agree with that and that intensity just adds to the false-like nature of this mascara.  While my mascara was in black, brown and violet shades are also available.

This mascara might have its flaws but staying power is not one of them. This is definitively long-lasting mascara, with my lashes looking the same at 7 pm as they did at 9 am.  It also does a great job at staying in place. It didn’t smear or smudge and flaking was minimal.

The packaging for this mascara is both pretty and practical and entirely appropriate for a Guerlain product. It’s flashy, completely worthy of showing off and helps to make that high price tag a little easier to justify.

Would I buy this product: No, it’s too clumpy and pricey for me.

Should you buy this product: Do you like pretty, high-end mascaras and don’t mind paying for a name? And do you want long, intense lashes and don’t mind combing out clumps? If yes, this mascara is ideal for you.

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