Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My February 2014 Topbox

Topbox_January_2014_Essie_Skiin_So_Susan_Hemp_Lip_BalmAfter an amazing January Benefit-themed Topbox, it’s not a surprise that my February box is a bit of a letdown. Yes, it does contain three full-sized products but those products are kind of boring. Of the four items I received, only one really catches my attention and of course it's the non-full-sized item. Here’s what I got:
  •  essie Nail Lacquer in Head Mistress (full-sized) 
  • Epic Blend Vanilla Hemp Lip Balm (full-sized) 
  • So Susan Lip & Cheeck Sublime Lip & Cheek Stain (full-sized) 
  • SKIIN Instant Skin Tightener and Line Filler (3 ml)
I’ve been checking out Topbox’s Facebook page to see what other people received and yeah, some other people definitely got combinations that I think are better than mine. However, I can see how some people would love to get my box. After all, it does contain an Essie polish. Personally, I’m not an Essie fan and I already have quite a few red polishes so for me, this nail polish is a bit of a disappointment. But I have no doubt that other people would want it.

The lip balm isn’t really something I wanted but it is definitely a product I will use. Still, if I could, I would swap it for something for interesting and for a brand that I haven’t tried before.

I am though happy to have received the So Susan stick and the Skiin cream. The latter is actually the product that I’m most intrigued by. It claims to be an “instant” line filler and as someone who’s obsessed with minimizing forehead lines, I’m hoping that this product delivers on its claims.

So Susan is a brand that I haven’t even heard of and while I’ve have more than my share of lip/cheek combo products lately, I’m always willing to try out another.

While this isn’t the best Topbox I’ve received, I can’t complain about the value; the three full-sized products total up to $31.49. Add in $10 for the SKIIN product and this box comes in at over $40. Not bad from that perspective.

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