Saturday, March 15, 2014

Balea Deep Cleansing Face Masl

Slowly but steadily, I’m depleting the face mask stash that I accumulated from Christmas. This week I tried out another Balea mask, one that’s supposed to “deeply cleanse and soften skin.”

With a not-quite-thick-enough-to-be-mud texture, this mask didn’t feel as luxurious as say, Balea’s Detoxifying mud mask. And after a couple of minutes, it actually started to deliver a bit of a burning sensation though once I washed it off, my face looked and felt fine.

No, that’s not quite right, my face felt better than fine, it felt, as the packaging promised, “silky soft.” Balea explains that that feeling is the result of this mask’s use of seaweed, which “helps nourish your skin to leave it looking incredibly clean and silky soft.”

That’s a legit claim in my opinion as my face did look brighter and cleaner after I used this mask. But, upon closer examination, I discovered that the “clean” part was only surface-deep.

Besides seaweed and the usual mess of chemicals, this product also contains “Natural sea minerals” that “help to remove deep down impurities, excess oils and restore vitality.” I’ll give this mask the claim about removing excess oil. After I washed this mask off, my skin did look quite matte. But I don’t think it did anything to improve my skin’s vitality and it definitely didn’t remove even half of any deep down impurities.

I happen to have a couple of odd, not-quite-pimples blemishes on my cheeks right now. I was hoping that this mask might help bring some of their guck to the surface so that I could manually remove it. But while this product did soften my skin nicely, the gunk stayed buried down in the pore. Unlike some of Balea’s other masks, this one doesn’t seem to be the one to put on prior to doing some extracting.

But, and I’m sure I’ve already said this before about these masks, you can’t complain too much when a product costs under $2 and does meet some of its product claims.

Would I buy this product: I don’t think so. There are masks out there that I like better.

Should you buy this product: If you’re looking for a cheap face mask, don’t have sensitive skin and don’t expect amazing results, this product will work. But other there are other, better, face masks out there.

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