Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Marcelle Face Powder

My go-to loose powder is Make Up For Ever’s Super Matte Loose Powder. But when I ran out of that in January, I decided to take advantage of this sweat-free time period to try something else out. That something ended up being Marcelle’s Face Powder.

I picked this product because I needed something that Shoppers sold (I was trying to reach a certain purchase total so that I could earn some bonus Optimum points) and because Beautypedia recommended it. After my first use, it was clear why that website praises this product.

Marcelle says that this powder is “the perfect tool for setting your makeup;” and that it “even(s) out skin tone.” That certainly matches my experience. Using this product helped give extra life to my foundation and left my face looking polished. 

 Marcelle says that this product works so wonderfully because it contains “micronized talc” that “ensures beautifully matte skin” and that “absorbs excess oil for extra long wearing comfort.” While I couldn’t fully test out this product because we’re currently in the never-ending winter, the experiences I did have with it were great. It instantly mattifyed my skin and kept it like that for hours; at least while I was at work. In a hotter environment, like a concert venue, that staying power wasn’t quite as impressive but it was still reasonable.

Besides delivering real results, this product is easy to apply and wear. It is indeed, a “delightfully light loose face powder” that did leave my “skin feeling silky soft.” Unlike some powders, this one didn’t settle in my flaws, nor did it make my skin look powder-y or weird. Instead, it gave me a finish that was both natural and flattering.

Given the quality of this product, I would expect to pay at least $20, probably more since one container is 70 g, which is a lot of loose powder. But nope, it retails at Shoppers for under $15.

With that price, it’s not surprising that this powder isn’t packaged in a pretty container. But it does the job and is pretty sturdy.

While this product does only come in a handful of shades, one of them is translucent and unlike some translucent powders out there, this one isn’t chalky looking. It really does go on translucent and likely would work for a lot of skin tones out there.

Would I buy this product again: Yes! While I’ll stick with MUFE for humid, summer months, the Marcelle product is my new go-to loose powder for cold weather.

Should you buy this product: Yes! It works and it’s a great value.

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