Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March 2014 Topbox

On Monday I came home to a big box labelled "24clearit." Though it was packaged completely differently, this month's Topbox had arrived. While Topboxes are generally a mix of brands, the company often offers "privé" boxes that contain just one brand. One of March's privé options was by 24clearit, a brand that I'd never heard of but that sounded intriguing to me. So I picked it as my first choice and lucky me, I got it (privé boxes are limited in number so just because you pick one doesn't mean you'll get one).

Actually, once I found out what was inside the box, I thought that made I was extra lucky and had won some kind of contest because I received five, full- sized products:

  • Active Exfoliating Cleanser (120 ml)
  • Essential Clearing Toner (120 ml)
  • AM Clarifying Treatment (30 ml)
  • PM Recovery Treatment (30 ml)
  • Advanced Treatment Mask (28 ml)

But no, anyone who was sent the 24clearit box received all of those products, enough for 60 days of twice-a-day use. Since I likely won’t use this product twice a day (I suspect it’ll be too aggressive for my skin), this stuff is going to last me a long time.

I usually don’t worry too much about the total value of my Topbox since deluxe samples are technically free but since this box contains only full-sized products, I was curious about its retail worth. Thankfully, it was easy to figure out that answer because the box came with a glossy brochure that details the 24clearit system and lists out its prices. According to it, what I received (the “introductory system”) is regularly priced at $60 though also offered at $40. Considering that I only pay $12 for each Topbox, either amount is impressive.

That brochure also taught me that 24clearit is basically a Pro-active type line that wants you to sign up for automatic deliveries. I can’t imagine doing that but hey, maybe this line will be exactly what my skin needs during summer, aka greasy face season.

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  1. wow, it is an amazing box. I haven't heard of this brand either and I picked the Philosophy prive box. Yours is of excellent value considering you get 5 full-sized products. Looking forward to reading your review on these.

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