Monday, March 31, 2014

SKIIN Instant Skin Tightener and Line Filler

Oh, how I wanted this product to work for me but sadly it didn’t, not one bit.

I received a trial size of this “extraordinary skin solution” in my February 2014 Topbox. I was quite happy to get it as I’m always on the lookout for some miracle product that will halt, or even better reverse, the ever-deepening lines on my forehead.

According to the product copy for this serum, this should be that product. It’s described as “plastic surgery in a box” and as a item that “tightens sagging skin to visibly lift as
it smoothes creases and wrinkles.” While I don’t have an issue with sagging skin, I do have a couple of forehead lines and I was hoping that this serum would use its supposed tightening and rehydrating powers to at least temporary make those lines disappear.

But nope; the “combination of carefully chosen ingredients” had no immediate impact on my forehead lines. It also didn’t have any longer term impact though to be fair, I only used this product for about two weeks, twice a day. Daily use is supposed to result in “a radiant and younger appearance” and maybe, after a few weeks, it would.

And maybe I would have had better luck with the instant part if I’d known that you’re supposed to keep this product in the fridge. I only found out about that after I finished using this product.

But somehow I doubt it. Usually, if my forehead lines are really deep, almost any skin care product will plump them up at least a bit. But that didn’t happen with this item. Given its price, either $26 or $40 depending on whether or not it’s on sale, I thought that at minimum, this serum would provide some plumping power.

I think the problem is that this product provides minimal, if any, hydration. It went on almost like a film and left my skin slightly tight feeling. It also made my skin look a bit milky and even a bit shiny. However, it didn’t interfere with my makeup and a bit of foundation easily covered up this product’s odd results.

Would I buy this product: This is an easy "No."

Should you buy this product: No.

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