Friday, April 11, 2014

Revlon Colourstay Shadowlinks

This is apparently the week to review freebies because today’s product is another item I received for nothing: Revlon’s Colourstay Shadowlinks. I actually first received one of these new eyeshadows back in November in my Spark Sessions swag bag. The colour I received was a dark green (Khaki is its proper name), a shade that doesn’t really work on me so I only wore it a couple of times.

Then in February, I received an email from Revlon offering me four free shadows as part of its RevlonSelects program. Of course I jumped at the opportunity and selected these colours: Oyster, a light metallic; Onyx, a sparkly black; Java, a sparkly brown and Peacock, a bright, sparkly blue. The first three are shades that I would use all the time while the blue one is a bit of a wild choice that I picked in part to test out Revlon’s claims that these products offer “rich color.”

It was a smart move that allowed me to better test out these products. After trying all five colours, multiple times, I am completely confident in saying that these are so-so shadows that, given their roughly $4 price tag, do exactly what you would expect.

The colour pigmentation is on the light side, which I don’t mind when it comes to neutral, sparkly or shimmery shadows as that lightness allows me to better control the results. But when it comes to a shade like Peacock, well, then I want colour and that’s something this product only delivers if you heap it on.

I believe that Revlon allowed me to pick four colours in part so that I could see this line’s unique feature: Its packaging. These “Interchangeable shadows easily snap together or come apart” allowing you to “o create your own customized palette.” It’s a great idea and one that actually works.

Unfortunately, what doesn’t work is this line’s staying power. Revlon claims that these shadows offer “All-day wear” but I didn’t find that. If I didn’t wear them over a primer, crease migration started within a couple of hours. Primer delayed this, for a few more hours, but by the end of the workday, the majority of this product was always in my creases. Even the primer that comes with Relvon’s Photoready shadow, which is usually like a glue for eye products, can’t help Colorlinks last eight hours

Shadowlinks are available in 30 shades and four finishes, so there’s something for everyone. And while the colours aren’t the most vivid, these shadows do deliver on their finishes; the sparkly ones sparkle, the shimmery ones shimmer and the matte one is just that, matte.

They also go on easily and evenly, with either a brush or your finger, if you’re lazy like me.

Would I buy this product: While I do like the wide colour selection, I’ll stick with Revlon’s Photoready shadows as they can actually last eight hours (or longer).

Should you buy this product: This isn't a great line but it's cheap and there is a wide range of colours and finishes. As long as you have realistic expectations about how these shadows will perform, you'll be happy with them.

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  1. Lovely honest review. I hate it when shadows crease and find a good many do, sadly. I tend to now always use a shadow primer but agree it lengthens the whole makep applying process! Gteat post Tx