Sunday, May 25, 2014

Kinetics Nail Colour in Splatter It!

Please ignore my chewed up cuticles
I have mixed feelings about my Kinetics Nail Colour in Splatter It! When I first saw it in my May 2014 Topbox, I loved it. It's unlike any nail polish that I already own and while its "splatter" patten is eye-catching, the black-white colour combo means that it'll work with a range of outfits.

Then I applied the first coat and I hated how it looked. This product is made up of black and white bits of colour that float around in a clear polish. In the bottle, it looks like there are lots of bits of colour but when I applied the polish, the splatter part was quite sparse. It looked like crap.

So I applied another coat and another coat and another one and finally got the results that you see in the picture. But it wasn't as straight-forward as just applying layer after layer. In order to get the splatter part to look, well, splattered, I had to dump on a bunch of polish and then carefully nudge the bit of colour around, to fix in the empty spots.

The end result does appear pretty good from at distance but up close the things look a bit messy and odd, especially right at the tips of my nails, which look shorter and/or uneven because of how the splatter falls. Now, on the plus side, this uneven look means that small chips won't really be noticeable.

One thing I definitely don't like about this product is the texture: It's bumpy and I find that to be quite annoying. I keep touching my nails, feeling a lump and wanting to smooth it down, which would mean removing the polish. Normally I don't review a nail polish until about a week after I've applied it, in order to see how durable the product is, but there's no way this polish is staying on my nails for a week. The texture just makes it too distracting.

I think this is one of those polishes that might go on better, and easier, with practice. At least that's what I'm telling myself because I still really like the idea of this polish and like I said above, it does look great, from the right distance.

This polish is made by a European-company called Kinetics. While I was able to find to find a webpage for the gel version of this polish, I couldn't anything on the regular polish version, including a price. Maybe it's a brand new product?

Would I buy this product: I don't know. Sometimes I look at my nails and think, yep, I'd pick this up again. Other times I look, or feel, my nails and I just want to get this product off.

Should you buy this product: Do you like how my nails look? If yes, then yeah, pick it up though I'm  not sure where... Maybe just keep an eye on the Kinetics site?

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