Friday, June 27, 2014

24clearit AM Clarifying Treatment, PM Recovery Treatment And Essential Clearing Toner

When I received my 24clearit Topbox back in March, my skin was going through a really, really good period and I didn’t need the five acne-fighting product contained within the box. So I put it aside and waited because I knew that sooner or later, the blemishes would be back.

 And unfortunately I was right. While I love hot, humid weather, the one downside to it is clogged pores and earlier this month, some congestion appeared on my skin. To fight it I decided to break out two 24clearit products: AM Clarifying Treatment and PM Recovery Treatment.

Both of these products are contain benzoyl peroxide as their key acne-fighting ingredient. In the AM lotion, the concentration is at 2.5 per cent. This “light, luxurious lotion” also contains 24clearit’s “proprietary Day Complex™” that is suppose to “protect skin against environmental elements while aiming to soften skin and calm hot spots.” The PM lotion contains 3 per cent benzoyl peroxide and the “proprietary Night Complex™” that is “Designed to be restoratively calming” and “protects against dryness, free radicals and calms hot spots."

According to 24clearit, you’re supposed to use its four-product core system (cleanser, toner and the two time-specific options) to get “…clear, smooth and glowing skin that looks just great!” So yes, basically this system is like Pro-Active. I’ve used Pro-Active before and found it too drying for daily use so that’s why initially I just used the two lotions, instead of the whole system.

But after a week of use, I didn’t notice much impact from the lotions. They did keep any blemishes from getting too nasty but it didn’t noticeably speed up their disappearance nor did it prevent new ones. They also didn’t cause any dryness or irritation so I decided to take things up another level by using the Active Exfoliating Cleanser and Essential Clearing Toner. Unfortunately I can’t find the cleanser. I’m sure it’s somewhere, just buried in one of my many piles of stuff.

I did though find the toner and started using it once or twice a day. The toner “..blends salicylic acid with gentle aloe vera and chamomile to help soothe skin and calm hot spots while controlling active and future acne.” 24clearit also says that this product, “…resist(s) oil build-up and aim(s) to tighten pores and control oil for a smooth, flawless look.”

While it didn’t give me flawless skin, working the toner into my skin care routine did help to speed up the lifecycle of existing pimples while helping to prevent new ones. I skipped using it for a few days and quickly noticed more congestion. Unfortunately, while the toner helped to fight blemishes, it was also a bit on the drying side and I found that if I used it twice a day, for multiple days, I developed dry patches. I also didn’t notice any change in the appearances of my pores or in oil production.

Overall, I’m not impressed with 24clearit but I don’t hate it either. While it’s not for me, it might be for someone who’s skin is better suited to 24clearit’s formulas.

Would I buy these products: No; the lotions aren’t effective enough while the toner is too effective.

Should you buy these products: If you’re like me and just get the occasional outbreak every now and then, this system is likely more than you need. However, if acne is a regular issue for you, and your skin can tolerate both benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, you might want to check out 24clearit’s starter kit. It does come with a 60-day money back guarantee.

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