Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Belvada Nail Polish Remover Pads

My August Topbox wasn’t one of the best ones I’ve received but it did contain on product that I really wanted to try out:  Belvada’s Nail Polish Remover Pads.

I’d first heard of this product a few months ago when it first started popping up in Topboxes, While reviews of it were mixed, this product intrigued me because it sounds so convenient: pads pre-moistened with nail polish remover. It's removing a whole step from the nail polish removal process!

There seems to be two major complaints about this product. The first that it’s “oily,” for lack of a better word.  I agree with this though for me, this quality was both good and bad.

All 28 pads in the small, plastic container are soaked in a polish remover that does have an oily quality to it. It’s a bit of an odd sensation and one that could turn some people off of these products. It also results in these pads sticking together. I’d pick up what I thought was one pad only to discover, while scrubbing my nail, that I’d actually picked up three. I’d then have to transfer two partially used pads back into the container, a process that was a bit messy and a bit wasteful.

But while the polish remover didn’t feel that great, it did work wonderfully to remove every last speck of colour. Some people have complained that these pads did a poor job at taking off polish but I didn’t run into that problem at all. Sure, I did have to run the pad over my nail multiple times but it didn’t take that much effort. Generally, I could completely remove the polish off one-two nails if I used both sides of one, fresh pad. This is comparable to what I go through when using regular remover and a plain cotton pad.

If anything, these pads could be too good at their jobs. I would caution about using this product to remove toenail polish while wearing fingernail polish that you don’t want to not ruin as you’re bound to get some of this oily, and powerful, remover on your fingernails.

What I’m surprised more people didn’t complain about is the very powerful, and very fake grape odor of this product. It’s not so bad that it would stop me from buying this product but I can see it deterring others; it’s pretty intense.

What will be deterring me from buying this product is that I have no idea where I can purchase it. There’s nothing on Belvada’s website about it and Google just turns up other reviews about it. Where Topbox users given a sneak peek? If so, it would have been nice to know.

Would I buy this product: Assuming the price was reasonable, I would. Yes, they do feel oily but they work and are very convenient to use. Too bad I don’t know where I can purchase it.

Should you buy this product: As long as you’re okay with the oily quality of this product, and don’t mind the smell of fake grape, do pick it up if you ever come across it.

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