Monday, September 1, 2014

Sephora's End-Of-Summer Sale & Inglot Is Coming, Inc.

Sephora's having a giant sale on a wide variety of products including items from Smashbox, Tarte and Sephora's own line. For example, you can grab this Laura Mercer Flawless Colour Favorites For Face, Eyes, & Lips kit, which has a total value of $175, for only $70. The sale is only available online and quantities are limited so if anything catches your eye, pick it up ASAP.

However, you might not want to spend too much as Toronto will soon be home to Inglot, an international chain of makeup products that some people are just crazy about (it helps that prices are quite reasonable). This new shop will be setting up shop on Yonge Street, near Dundas Square.

I'm not familiar with Inglot but as I'm always interested in new products, I'll certainly be checking it out. I'll be sure to let you know what my experience is like.

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