Monday, September 29, 2014

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick

While aren’t I special. According to Elizabeth Arden, “94% of women saw an improvement in lip softness and smoothness after just one use” of its Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick. If I had been one of the 30 (such a big sample size!) in that study, I would be in the 6% that didn’t notice an improvement. If anything, this lipstick, and I tried three different shades so I don’t think I had a bad batch, left my lips feeling a bit dry.

Elizabeth Arden says that this product, “Keep lips moisturized all day with a single swipe of long-lasting, high pigment color that’s comfortable to wear and sumptuously soft.”

A single swipe does deliver plenty of colour but I found that it didn’t deliver any real moisture. This product does have a creamy texture that makes it easy to apply and initially, it did leave my lips feeling soft (though “sumptuous is a bit much”). But within the first hour, that soft feeling wore off and my lips actually felt mildly dry.

In all honestly, it wasn’t that bad of a feeling; I didn’t feel the need to remove the lipstick or anything like that. But I also didn’t feel the desire to wear it again the following day (but for the sake of product testing, I did).

This line also contains something called Volulip, which “helps to seal in moisture to give your lips a fuller, more sumptuous appearance” and “been shown to increase the look of lip volume by 15% and firmness by 13%.”  My thoughts on the moisture claims of this product have already been made clear but I do agree that this product made my lips look fuller (as for firmness, that’s not yet an issue for me).

Maybe it’s the Volutip that pumped up the look of my lips or maybe it’s an optical illusion caused by the amount of colour this product brings. This really is a highly pigmented lip product that delivers the exact colour that you see in the tube. Elizabeth Arden says that that this, “ Lush, luxurious color that lasts for 12 hours” and I completely agree with the first part of that statement; the colour this product provides really is impressive.

But the second part of that line is a bit ambitious. Maybe it could last 12 hours if you didn’t eat or drink anything but I found that under realistic circumstances, the colour did slowly but steadily fade within the first few hours.

I tried three different shades, a pretty pink called Breathless, a fun coral called Neoclassical Coral and an intense red called Red Door Red. All three shades are quite matte, which depending on your preferences is a good or bad thing. I prefer my lips to have a bit of shine to them and thankfully, this lipstick worked nicely under a glossing product.

This lipstick retails for $32, which I think is a lot even though it is packaged quite nicely.

Would I buy this product: No.

Should you buy this product: For the most part no. Make Up For Ever offers the same intense colour at a lower price and with a better moisture punch. However, at least from my experience, MUFE’s products aren’t as matte as these ones. If you’re looking for vivid but matte colour, then yeah, this product might be for you. Just be sure you apply a good lip conditioner first.

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