Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pantene Pro-V Perfect 10 BB Creme

Let’s get the disclaimers out of the way. A few weeks ago I was selected by BzzAgent, a product testing group that I’m a part of, to try out Pantene’s new Pro-V Ultimate 10 line. At no cost, I received a full-sized shampoo, conditioner and something called Pro-V Ultimate 10 BB Crème. This review is about that latter product.

Remember how, oh, maybe two years ago when BB creams for your face were everywhere? Well, now that trend has found its way into hair products. According to Pantere, this leave-in product is the “first BB Creme for hair, with 10 benefits in 1 for a flawless, beauty finish.” Those 10 benefits are: “Repair for Rough Hair; strength against damage, silky softness, brilliant shine; smoothing; moisture; frizz control; heat protection; manageability and tamed flyaways.”

That’s quite the list and if this product was indeed able to deliver all of those benefits, I would happily sing its praises. Unfortunately, it’s that not the case. I’ve been using this product for about two weeks now and during that time I haven’t noticed any sort of improvement in my hair. In fact, my hair has generally been frizzier, and at times duller, than usual.

At first I thought that maybe I wasn’t using enough of the cream. I’d started off with only a nickel-sized amount as some of these leave-in products leave your hair so greasy if you use too much. But after that first usage resulted in hair that was a bit blah, I steadily increased the amount of cream I was using. More product did result in more shine but it did nothing to help smooth my strands or fight flyaways, my hair’s biggest problems.

After using this cream all through my hair a few times, I decided to run a couple of split-head tests. The first involved applying the cream on one side of my head while the leaving the other side leave-in free. The results were identical: Hair that while soft and shiny, was frizzy around the crown. The fact that I had used this product didn’t seem to have made any visible impact on my hair.

Next I did a split-head test with Pantene's BB Cream and Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser Split End Bandage. While the two brands didn't have dramatically different results, the hair that received the Garnier product was visibly less frizzy and also felt a touch silkier.

One aspect of this product that I do like is the packaging. It’s in a pump container that distributes the cream in an easy, clean way. I’d add that the roughly $10 price also isn’t bad but then this product didn’t really do anything for me so actually, even $10 is too much for item.

Would I buy this product: No, there are other things out there that work better.

Should you buy this product: No, see above.

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