Monday, December 22, 2014

Tarte LipSurgence Lip Gloss

I am in morning. Two weeks ago, my new favourite lip gloss disappeared. At first I was hopeful that it would reappear, maybe in the pockets of a pair of pants. But nope, it appears to be gone.

Because of that, this review of Tarte’s LipSurgence lip gloss is going to be a little incomplete since I don’t remember every little detail about this product. I do however remember that it was a great looking gloss that was a dream to apply.

According to Tarte, this product is a “glossy addition to the LipSurgence family” that “will perfect your pout with a brightening pop of color and lasting shine.” I agree with all of this. This gloss brings tons of shine that lasts for hours, as long as you don’t eat a full meal (nibbling, light kissing and drinking is fine though).

Available in 10 versatile colours, there’s something for everyone. I was wearing Tipsy, a “sheer coral” colour that really complemented my natural colour and was perfect for every day use. It really did brighten my lips in a complementary way that looked almost natural.

Besides bringing plenty of shine and just the right amount of colour, this gloss also brought moisture. According to Tarte, this product has an “ultra-hydrating,” “antioxidant-rich formula” that infuses lips with “vitamin E, jojoba seed oil and flower extract” which “smooth(es) the look of fine lines and wrinkles while moisturizing dry lips.” Fine lines and wrinkles aren’t yet an issue for my lips but they certainly get dry. That was an issue that vanished while I used this gloss.

Tarte says that this product is “vanilla flavoured.” That I don’t remember but it could be true. One claim I do have to disagree with is that it delivers shine that is “non-sticky.” I clearly recall this product leaving my lips feeling tacky. Thankfully, I figured out a way to solve that. I first applied a clear lip product (chap stick, another lip gloss, it didn’t matter) and then I applied this gloss on top of that. The result was no sticky feeling and lips that felt and looked great.

Another claim by Tarte that I have to disagree with is that this gives lips a “plumped-up appearance.” While my lips did look a bit fuller while using this product, I think that was due to the high shine factor. I don’t think this gloss actually plumped up my smile.

I do though agree that this gloss is nicely packaged with a “unique applicator wand (that) features an ergonomic tip that gently glides around the shape of your lips for a foolproof application every time.” This product really is a breeze to apply, making it even more appropriate for every day use.

And that makes me even sadder that this gloss disappeared. It was just so ideal for carrying around and wearing every day. It’s also not exactly cheap. Retailing for $23 at Sephora, this product is actually appropriately priced however, it’s a high enough price that I really, really regret losing this item. 

Would I buy this product: Yes! If it doesn’t show up in my Christmas sock, I will be buying it. 

Should you buy this product: Yes! While this product might not deliver on all of its claims, it does deliver on the key ones and in the best way.

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