Monday, January 5, 2015

Barefoot Venus Sugar Leaf Argan Dry Body Oil Review

Winter sucks. It’s cold outside; I have to wear bulky clothing and my skin is dry. When I received my December Topbox, I thought that maybe I had been given a solution to that last problem: Barefoot Venus’ Sugar Leaf Argan Dry Body Oil. Unfortunately, while this product has some good qualities, it’s not the dry skin solution that I’ve been looking for.

According to Barefoot Venus, “Spray on instant moisture and bid dry, water-starved skin a fond farewell. Super-hydrating Argan oil, Apricot kernel oil and moisture giving Meadowfoam oil cloak skin in silky-smoothness.”

What I like best about this product is that it’s super easy and convenient to use. You just spray the oil on and it’s pretty much instantly absorbed into your skin, which does feel cloaked “in silky-smoothness” for a few minutes. Then that feeling disappears and your skin feels dry again. So yes, this product did deliver “instant moisture,” however, it didn't have me saying "farewell" to dry skin.

I used this product primarily on my feet, my elbows and my hands. I’ll admit that my elbows, and in particular my feet, are quite dry and perhaps too much of a challenge for this product. But my hands are only slightly dry and even they didn’t benefit from this oil.

While this product might not bring long-lasting moisture, it did leave me smelling great. As its name suggests, this product is sweetly scented though not in a smells-like-grandma way. Instead, this product reminds me of the scent of almonds and is at just the right strength, not too strong or too weak.

Retailing at $15.99 for 140ml, this product is well priced if you view it as a scented oil that delivers silky, though short-term moisture.

Will I buy this product: No; it might smell good but I just don't need it in my life.

Should you buy this product: Not if you’re looking for something with real moisturizing benefits. But if you want an affordable, quick-drying product that delivers an instant dose of moisture while leaving a longer lasting fragrance, this spray might work for you.

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