Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My May 2015 Topbox

Usually a Topbox contains four items, maybe five if you're lucky. Privé boxes, boxes that are devoted to a specific brand and whose contents are known in advance, sometimes contain as few as one item. But my May Topbox, which was an Aveda Privé box, contains seven items. And sure, some of the samples are on the small side but they're all big enough to let me try the following items at least two or three times:

  • Stress-Fix Crėme Cleansing Oil
  • Stress-Fix Body Lotion
  • Hand Relief Night Renewal Stress
  • Thickening Tonic 
  • Invati Exfoliating Shampoo
  • Invati Thickening Conditioner
  • Invati Scalp Revitalizer

All seven items are packages in plastic tubes or sprays — no foil packets this time — that can easily be closed, a feature that any good sample should have.

The point of this box is to let subscribers try out Aveda's Stress-Fix Body line, its Invati Hair line and  a couple other items. It's a great idea as Aveda's products are on the pricey side (the cheapest item in the box is $35, the most expensive $74) and aren't always the easiest items to track down.

While I'm looking forward to trying out all of the products (though I don't really need the Thickening Spray), I'm most interested in the Stress-Fix oil and lotion. Both products smell amazing and I think they might actually have de-stressing properties.

While my last few Topboxes have been great, this one really takes things to another level thanks to the quantity and quality of items inside of it. Normally I'm a bit disappointed when I get a makeup-free Topbox but not this time.  I think this might be my best Topbox yet (so June's box, you better be extraordinary).

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