Friday, May 22, 2015


Of all of the many items I received a few weeks ago at THEFACESHOP launch party, the one I was most excited to try out was its Smile Foot Mask. Until this weekend, I'd never tried an at-home foot mask but now I think it might become a regular part of my routine.

Like all THEFACESHOP products, this one doesn't give you a lot to go on. I actually found the French instructions to be more useful than the English ones and according to them, this mask is supposed to give you baby-soft skin thanks to its inclusion of shea butter, urea and collagen. 
To use this product (there are cartoon instructions on the back on the package in addition to minimal English copy), you simply slip on the two plastic booties. Inside each of the booties is a fabric lining that's soaked in what feels like moisturizing cream.

That cream does have a bit of a weird, chemically smell but once the booties were on, I didn't notice it. What I did notice is how cool and refreshing the moisturizer inside the booties felt. I thought that it would feel slimy and gross but nope, it's actually a very texture. 

After roughly 25 minutes, I took the booties off and massaged in the rest of the moisturizer (there wasn't much). I then checked out the results and was pretty impressed by what I felt. While the mask didn't remove any dead skin (another product does that), it certainly softened my feet.

This product is no replacement for a professional pedicure but I can see it being a great item to use in between trips to the spa. Or, if you're like me, use it a couple days before you go for a pedicure, so that you don't scare the esthetician.

Retailing at $4 for one mask,  this product is fairly and appropriately priced. It's nothing fancy and the results aren't mind-blowing but it does work.

Will I buy this product: It's pretty cheap, it work and I can pick this product up at the Eaton Centre; this is an easy "yes."

Should you buy this product: Yes!

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