Monday, May 25, 2015

Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 50+ WetForce

I have found my dream sunscreen: Shiseido's new Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 50+ WetForce. While Shiseido says that it's, "Ideal for outdoor activities and sports..." I've found it to be perfect for everyday wear and protection.

But before I praise this item anymore, let's back up and look at Shiseido's claim for it: "Providing powerful protection for your skin, this innovative protective veil actually becomes even more effective on the applied area when exposed to water for 15 minutes, because of its WetForce technology." That sounds a bit odd but supposedly if you expose, "...the applied area to water for 15 minutes or sweat for 30 minutes," this sunscreen works even better for 80 minutes or until you towel off.

Additionally, this product "...includes beneficial ingredients to help prevent skin dryness" and " is comfortable and gentle on the skin."

Because I live in Toronto and not somewhere beach-y (yes, I know the city has beaches but they aren't the same as what you'd find in say, the Caribbean), I haven't truly been able to test out the WetForce technology. But we have had a few sunny days and I have been wearing this product pretty much daily and so far, my skin has stayed its natural translucent self. So while I can't comment about how this product works in the water, I can say that it delivers great sun protection under normal conditions.

I have to admit that I haven't always been as religious about wearing sunscreen but this product makes it so easy. It doesn't feel or smell like your usual sunscreen. Instead, it's scent-free, absorbs quickly and doesn't leave skin looking or feeling greasy or anything other than healthy and moisturized. In short, it really it is "...comfortable and gentle on the skin."

It is on the runny side but personally I like that as it makes it ideal to mix with a moisturizer, something that's not always a breeze with other sunscreens. I know that everyone loves Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Face Sunscreen but it feels like some Banana Boat product from the '80s compared to the Shiseido product.

I should note here that I received this product for free from Glow Magazine, when I was selected to be a product tester for its upcoming summer issue. I'm really glad I received it because honestly, I likely wouldn't have bought it myself. Shiseido isn't a brand I'm familiar with and between that and this product's high price — a 3.3 ounce bottle of this product costs $49 at Sephora or The Bay — I really doubt I would have bought this product.

But now that I've tried it, I can't imagine it not being part of my beauty, and really my health, routine.

Would I buy this product: Yes! It's worth every penny.

Should you buy this product: Yes; it's one of the rare pricey products that's worth it.

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