Monday, September 14, 2015

Ceramic Glaze Nail Lacquer

This shade is called Mermaid's Tale
I received this nail polish, sorry, nail lacquer, in a recent Topbox and when I first saw it, I was really taken by the colour. It's a bright blue with a subtle blue highlight and just the right amount of gloss. Its name, Mermaid's Tale, is perfect for it and I knew that that it would be an ideal colour to wear on my toes to my late August beach vacation.

So I applied it but what looked great in a bottle looked only OK on my nails. For some reason that subtle blue highlight, which in my opinion is was makes this colour, doesn't show up very well. So what should be an amazing colour is left looking like just another bright blue shade.

However, while the colour didn't quite work out, the lacquer did go on easily and consistently.  It wasn't too thin or too thick, meaning that it provided great coverage with just a few swipes. Not having to pile it on also meant that this product dried fairly quickly and that meant that I didn't end up with a smooshed or accidentally patterned polish.

Ceramic Glaze doesn't seem to have its own website but it does have a Twitter account, which makes the claim, "Long lasting shine, highly pigmented shades." I have mixed feelings on the last part of that claim as this product did provide great colour coverage, it just didn't accurately reflect what was in the bottle. However, I can agree with the first half of that statement.

This lacquer did provide me shine that easily lasted a week. It also resisted any chipping until day seven and that was after I spent a couple of days on the beach, in flip flops or barefoot. Based on my experience, this is a long-lasting nail polish.

It's also not a badly priced product, retailing at around $11. That's a touch high for what you get but it does seem to regularly go on sale.

One odd thing about this polish is that it's only available at Shoppers Drugmart, which maybe explains why it doesn't have its own website? According to its Twitter account, Ceramic Glaze is offered in "23 on-trend shades," which explains why this brand is all about bright, even flashy colours, instead of neutrals and safer choices.

Would I buy this product: I might if I saw the right colour.

Should you buy this product: Sure, it's a perfectly fine nail polish.

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