Wednesday, October 21, 2015

AMOREPACIFIC Color Control Cushion Compact

I get dozens of press releases each week and most of them I ignore. But every now and then something appears in my crowded inbox that looks genuinely interesting. Last week I received an email about  how AMOREPACIFIC's Color Control Cushion Compact was now available in several new shades designed for light skin. As someone whose foundation colour usually involves terms like "porcelain" and "ivory," my attention was immediately captured.

AMOREPACIFIC is one of those brands that I'm only vaguely aware of because it's pricey. But a closer look at the Color Control Cushion Compact is making me think that it might be worth its $72 price tag.

I know, I know, that's crazy high but then this product is basically promising to be the Holy Grail of compacts. "AMOREPACIFIC created a new texture and application process that not only offers complete and lasting coverage, but also advanced skin‐soothing and improving properties, such as deeper hydration, stronger antioxidant protection, and potent anti‐inflammatory benefits all working together under one compact roof," says the press release, which also notes that this product contains green tea and, in lieu of water, amino acid-rich bamboo sap.

This item also contains a broad spectrum SPF (50+), a quality that makes this product more useful than probably half the other compacts/powders/foundations out there.

Almost as intriguing as this product's formulation is the packaging, which looks great and appears to be super functional and hygienic, thanks to its separation of the sponge and the makeup.

Yeah, I'm definitely going to need to take a closer look at this product the next time I'm at Sephora.

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