Monday, November 2, 2015

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation Invisible Cover Foundation

As a big fan of Make Up For Ever, I was very curious to try out its re-formulated take on its acclaimed HD Foundation. The original formula is a beloved product for many though personally, I've always preferred MUFE's Mat Velvet + Foundation. A few weeks ago, MUFE gave me the chance to try out its latest foundation for free so of course I jumped at the chance.

The use of "HD" in this product's name isn't purely for the sake of marketing. The goal of this foundation is to be, "...both invisible on HD cameras and to the naked eye." While MUFE states that this item is supposed to supply, "medium-to-full coverage," it's also supposed to give, "...flawless coverage and an extremely natural finish."

I can't comment on how this product looks on an HD camera (I'm not exactly filmed frequently) but I can say that in real life, this product somehow manages to look completely natural while providing coverage that is pretty close to being flawless. Dark circles, sun spots and even a scratch on my forehead disappeared under a couple coats of this liquid foundation, leaving a look that says, "Envy me, I have naturally perfect skin." And I'm not the only one who thinks this; Allure magazine named this product as one of its best of 2015.

One reason for these results is that this foundation contains an unnamed moisturizing agent, which MUFE claims creates a production that has a, "...smooth and elastic texture (that) makes it easy to apply and a pleasure to wear." I completely agree with that entire claim.

This foundation is a breeze to apply, thanks to being super-blend-able and build-able. Once it's on, it feels like nothing, even if you've applied multiple layers to hide a flaw. And while this product's sufficient coverage means that it does cover imperfections, it also looks like nothing on one's skin, meaning it doesn't get stuck in pores or line lines, nor does it easily rub off.

So this is a great foundation but is it better than my current favourite Mat Velvet + Foundation? Well, no, it's just slightly different. Mat Velvet has, not surprisingly, a more matte finish and does have more staying power. But now that the days are more dry than humid, the slightly more dewey finish of HD Foundation looked fantastic on my skin, providing just the right amount of brightening. While Mat Velvet + is definitely still my go-to summer foundation, I think this one might be my new winter foundation.
Skin shade options

This foundation comes in over two dozen shades, with plenty of options available for pasty-skinned people like myself. I had no problem finding a colour that worked perfectly with my skin, which is key for created this product's "naked" look.

All of these impressive results don't come cheaply. At Sephora Canada, this product retails for $50 a bottle. But for that high price, you do get a high quality product that it appropriately packaged in a sleek pump bottle (I actually prefer the HD Foundation packaging to the Mat Velvet's plastic squeeze bottle).

Would I buy this product: Yes!

Should you buy this product: As long as your skin isn't too oily, the answer is an easy yes!

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