Monday, November 9, 2015

THEFACESHOP Real Nature Mask Kelp

As someone who's nine months pregnant, I don't really need a mask that promises to make skin look brighter or healthier. But one that's focused on removing impurities? That has my interest.

I received THEFACESHOP's Real Nature Mask Kelp a few months ago, when I attended a THEFACESHOP event. So yes, this product is a freebie. It's also the first THEFACESHOP product that I've found actual details about online.

According to the company, this mask, "...purifies skin, leaving it soft to the touch." It supposedly does this thanks to its inclusion of kelp extract, which " eliminate impurities and protect skin from pollution." Kelp extract, a type of algae, is actually known for its moisturizing/anti-inflammatory agents/antioxidants properties so there is something to these claims.

THEFACESHOP's other big selling feature for this product is that it's an "air pocket pulp sheet" mask. This means that it's a "flexible sheet" mask that's made of "eco-friendly and hypoallergenic material" that has a "porous membrane" that allows it to better adhere to one's face and deliver its serum.

Personally, I didn't notice a huge difference in this sheet mask compared to the many other sheet masks I've tried. It wasn't as drippy as some, which was a nice discovery, but it still awkwardly fit my face, and had that cold, almost slimly feeling that is also common to sheet mask.

Thankfully, the source of that feeling, the serum that the sheet mask is soaked in, is pretty good. It really did leave my skin soft to the touch and even further brightened my complexion, without making it shiny or greasy looking. As for purifying my skin, it did open up my clogged pores, allowing me to easily extract the gunk in side of them without any redness or irritation.

It was also a great moisturizer and as a result, using this mask left my face looking and feeling clean, hydrated and well-rested.

Like all THEFACESHOP products, this one is cheap, running $2 for a mask, which is a perfectly reasonably price for what this product is.

Would I buy this product: Maybe.

Should you buy this product: If your skin is looking a bit dry and dull and you're looking for a quick and cheap product to perk it up, this one will do.

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