Monday, December 14, 2015

My December 2015 Topbox

It's been a bit quiet around here because earlier this month I gave birth to my first child, a beautiful and healthy baby girl. She's lovely but time consuming so blogging and product reviewing has fallen to the side. I'm hoping that come January, we'll be on a bit of a routine and I'll be able to start posting regularly again. And by "regularly" I mean twice a week.

I was though able to get a bit of free time this past weekend to write up a review of my most recent Topbox, which arrived nice and early on Friday. It's timing was terrific, as I'd had a long first week at home with Baby and its contents were even better. Here's what was in it:

  • Fruits & Passion Cucina Regenerating Hand Cream in Coriander and Olive Tree (40ml tube)
  • SeaRx Birch Sap Moisturizing Lotion (2 deluxe-size sample tubes)
  • Hask Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment (full-sized package)
  • Cuccio Nail Lacquer in Gazing in Genoa (full-size)

Usually I find samples of moisturizers to be a bit dull but not this month. I need a new face cream so the arrival of the SeaRx Birch Sap Moisturizing Lotion is perfect timing. And while I don't need another hand cream, Fruits & Passion's Cucina line is a great one. I have no doubt that I'll get my use out of this product as I'm now washing my hands a lot.

I'll also be getting full use of the hair treatment, which is made with Tahitian coconut oil. I've been to Tahiti and have a soft spot for all things Tahitian, so I'm really looking forward to trying out this product.

The only item in this box that I'm not thrilled about is the nail polish. This pale pink shade is alright but not something I would have purchased for myself. I also have a ton of nail polish already and I suspect that my new life as a mom won't be allowing me much time for at-home manicures.

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