Friday, April 8, 2016

MaskerAide All Eyes On Me Hydration Gel Patches Review

Last week was quiet on the blog as I was away in Alberta with my baby daughter. While our flights were pretty smooth, our nights were not. Baby was up anywhere from three to six times a night and would wake up, ready to start the day, at 6:30am. So yes, this little adventure was very much a trip and not a vacation.

Her sleep improved dramatically once we returned to Toronto though only for three nights. On Tuesday and Wednesday nights, she woke up more than once a night and she decided to start her Thursday earlier than our previously agreed upon after-8am start.

I'm telling you all of this to explain why my under-eye area looks like crap in the photo below and to why this week was the ideal time for me to try out MaskerAide's new All Eyes On Me Hydration Gel Patches.

Masker Aide claims that this product will let me, "Say goodbye to those pesky undereye circles and fine lines, and say hello to bright and radiant eyes." This product is all about providing the following three "effects:" Brighten, hydrate and firm. It supposedly achieves these results by using such ingredients as hyaluronic acid and a "unique 100 Herb Complex formula" that features "red ginseng for anti-aging, wuince for moisturizing, lotus for brightening, Gingko Biloba for nutrition and mint for soothing."

All of this sounds pretty good to me and exactly like what my under-eye area needs.

The patches are clear, comma-shaped pieces of soft plastic that have been drenched in that "100 Herb Complex" serum. I was pleased to see that they're larger than most other under-eye patches and that while the serum had a slippery texture, the patches adhered easily to my face.

Initially, the patches felt cool and comfortable on my skin. MaskerAide recommends that you wear them for 15-30 minutes and so I figured that I would keep them on for the full 30 minutes. But then the patches started drying out. It felt like they were tightening on my skin and my face begin to feel a bit itchy. As we passed the 15-minute mark, I considered removing but then thought, no, I can tough it out.

I made it to the 25-minute mark. By that point in time the patches felt uncomfortable on my face and I was worried that they might be harming my skin. Thankfully, despite what I had been feeling, there were no visible signs of any irritation caused by this product.

So that's that good news. The bad news is, as you can see in the photo above, that the patches didn't do much to "brighten" my dark circles. Yes, the circle under my right eye does look a little better in the After photo but not by much. While it's not as purple, the circle is still quite visible and I still look tired. And while you can't see them in the photos, the fine lines that live under my eyes weren't in any way impacted by the patches.

But while my under-eye area only looked mildly refreshed, it felt terrific. In fact, as I type this some three hours after wearing the patches, I'm still feeling this product's hydration effects. The skin under my eyes might not look bright and healthy but it sure feels refreshed and smooth.

MaskerAide sells four pairs of patches for $25 in packaging that's cute and functional. It's too bad that what's inside that package isn't as successful.

Would I buy this product: No.

Should you buy this product: If you're looking for hydration then give them a shot. But don't turn to this product if you want to say "bye-bye" to your dark circles.

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