Thursday, May 26, 2016

Joe Fresh Fresh Glass Lip Gloss Review

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed Joe Fresh's Lash Define Mascara. I was not impressed. Because of that experience, I didn't have high hopes for the brand's Fresh Glass lip gloss. But since I was getting a tube for free as a member of Shopper Drug Mart's VIB club, I decided to give it a shot. It turns out that this gloss is a fantastic product and one that I've quickly incorporated into my daily routine.

Fresh Glass is available in 10 shades that range from clear to various shades of pink to a trendy brown. I went with Rosetta, a subtle shade of pink that looks terrific on me. The colour is flattering and it has a shimmery finish that manages to be eye-catching without being flashy. That finish makes this product more interesting than your typical gloss but it's not over the top; it can just as easily be worn in the office as on a date.

Unfortunately this gloss isn't food or drink proof but it is a breeze to apply so that flaw isn't a major one. You can easily put on this product without a mirror or even a steady hand.

In addition to loving the look of this gloss, I'm also a fan of the texture. Unlike many glosses, this one isn't at all sticky or goopy. Instead, it starts off feeling slick before quickly turning into a waxy sensation that feels almost moisturizing. This feeling gradually disappears and at no point did the gloss leave my lips feeling dry or uncomfortable.  

Besides making my lips look great, this product also left them smelling lovely, thanks to its inclusion of a light, minty scent. Looking at the gloss' ingredient list, the source of that scent is an artificial aroma. Since natural mint is a natural irritate, this isn't a bad thing (though yes, some people are sensitive to scents, regardless of their origin).

These glosses retail for $6 each, which is a fantastic price. The packaging is nothing special, just a simple plastic, squeeze tube, but it's functional and doesn't look bad either.

Would I buy this product: Yes!

Should you buy this product: Yes!

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